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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A mixed bag

It's summer, so I should be wearing either light, bright or pastel colors, right?  Meh.  Sometimes.  I just get a hankering for dark glowing polishes too.  I've been switching back and forth lately.  Here are a few that I don't think I have shown on the blog before.

China Glaze - First Class Ticket

If you are a fan of shimmer you should definitely own this.

2 coats

Color Club - Electric Coral

A bright translucent jelly.

3 coats.

China Glaze - Short and Sassy

Woah mama, hello! 

New York Summer - Hot Magenta

2 coats
New York Summer - Poppies

I was pleasantly surprised.

2 coats

The eye searing
China Glaze - Pool Party.

2-3 coats
Max Factor - Fantasy Fire gave me super powers.  I caught this fish with my bear hands.  (pun intended)

Shout out to Esther from Fab Fingertips for making these super powers possible. :D
Ruby Kisses - Raspberry

2 coats.

This is an opaque jelly and it glides on so buttery.

Do you stick to typical summer polish colors or do you live on the edge?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top as base adventure ...

You can also substitute the word 'fail' for adventure.

Color Club usually comes out with a seven pack assortment of their seasonal collection, seven colors or six colors and one clear.

They are terrific bargains (especially when I find them at Ross for $7.99!!) with only one down side. The bottles are unlabeled. I've bought several and usually just search swatches and label them myself.

I guess I was not really paying attention and just assumed the bottle of clear was just that.

I often use clear as a base or top coat, so I didn't think twice with this Color Club. Although I'm showing Sally Hansen products, I have and use many others indiscriminately.

One mani (actually several now) I decided to use the Color Club "clear" as a basecoat. The result each and every time was...
The first time this happen I was all like, "wow that sucks." Then every subsequent time after I started thinking the worst of Color Club. Why in the world does every single polish I put over this "base" not sticking?! It didn't matter what top coat I used or whether I wrapped the tips or not.

This is/was Revlon - Tropical Temptation ... pre scabies.

This was all too coincidental and Color Club can't suck this much. Then it hit me! This must be a quick dry topcoat!

Indeed formula matters. More reason for me to finish the following series... *link*

Lesson learned: the Color Club clear in the variety packs is not a base coat.

I would imagine anyone who has used Seche Vite as a base coat has experienced something similar.  I mean after all Seche Vite has been known to cause glitters to spontaneously pop off!

Seche Vite also creates waving topcoat flaps ... see here.

Anyone want to  buy these nail strips?

Anyone, anyone? .... Eww, I'm just kidding.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's better than kitties and polish?

If you're an old spinster like me the answer to that question is ... nothing ...

Revlon Tinted - Victorian

This color is right in line with my spring/summer mood.  Solveig and I have been on the same wavelength lately :D

This is either 3 or 4 coats. Sorry, spinster status means I'm old and forgetful.

This picture is without topcoat.  You can see the finish is like satin, very velvety (see next picture for topcoat).

This polish is coral in nature, but I wish it was more bottle color.  It doesn't quite lean pink like I want it to.

See what I mean about the bottle color.  I want that bottle color!

It's still a nice coral on the nail though.

When flash is involved it certainly looks more pink and has a neon quality to it.

Now on to the kitties!!!

Isn't it funny when cats sleep so hard their tongue comes out, lol.

When he's not sleeping super cute, he tries to look real cool on the couch.

He has a friend that also likes to keep it cool (or rather warm it up) on my computer.

WTH cat?

How am I suppose to stalk MUA nail boards work on my dissertation?