Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Chartreuse not Ogre

I get super excited to review Dermelect polishes because I get to skip base coat! I mean, I can skip base coat anytime I want, but with these polishes it is almost like they are giving me permission. I always feel guilty and afraid to skip base coat; I fear and loath staining. This way, if my nails stain, I have someone else to blame other than my laziness/nonchalant attitude. 

Dermelect is adding a few more shades to their peptide infused color treatments. I reviewed a few here and also did a comparison post here.

There are 3 new shades coming out in the 2013 Resort Collection.

I got to try one of the three colors... All The Envy

Dermelect - All The Envy

I was given a choice between the three colors. The other two were much more normal (Lust Struck - Coral Creme; Moon Kissed - shimmery off-white). I thought about it long and hard, all of 3 seconds, and came to the conclusion that I own nothing like All The Envy, thus decided to give it a whirl!

Although the top picture gives my skin a lovely purple hue, it is very color accurate. Simply put, the shade is a chartreuse.

VERY interesting. 

In terms of application, this polish takes a couple coats to get there. It will take about 3-4 coats depending on how thick you normally polish and how much visible nail line you can typically stand.
Dermelect - All The Envy ... 1 coat

This was the first coat. Oh man it was so sheer, but look how even it is!

One the bright side... my nail damage is growing out on my ring finger. Remember this?

Dermelect - All The Envy ... 2 coats

Coat # 2.

No way I could stop here! Not only do I see nail line (which I personally don't mind), but I still see nail bed. Again, this coat is very even.

Dermelect - All The Envy ... 3 coats

At three coats, this shade becomes more solid. You could definitely stop here. In some lighting situations some visible nail line peaks through.

Dermelect - All The Envy ... 4 coats

Overall, the formula was very nice. I experienced no streakiness or bubbling problems.

The rest of the pictures are with 4 coats.

Dermelect - All The Envy ... 4 coats

Depending on the lighting, the shade leans more yellow or green.

Dermelect - All The Envy ... 4 coats

As I understand it, chartreuse made Pantone's fashion color report for spring 2013. See here.

Dermelect - All The Envy ... 4 coats

I mentally prepared myself for the real possibility I'd be left with chartreuse nail beds after removal. I am happy to say this scenario was not the case. 

If you want to be cool, on trend, have healthy non yellow nailsbeds, and are too lazy to wear base coat sometimes ... Dermelect's All The Envy may be just what you need in your collection.

Note: A few coupon codes popped up in my email:

$10 off $50 - 50LESS10
$20 off $100 - 100LESS20
$30 off $150 - 150LESS30

This polish and the rest of the color treatments can be found on the Dermelect website$14/0.4oz.

 *Sent for review*

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chameleon Round 2

As I was saying in the lat post... Check your bottles.  Here is another great one by Scherer Chameleon...

Scherer Chameleon - Waltz

When it's good... it's good.

Nuff said.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check your bottles

I hate when I run across a great polish only to find batches of reject lots the next time I go to repurchase. Such was the case with Scherer Chameleon.

Scherer Chameleon - Blue Sky

I couldn't stop photographing this one because the duochrome is so pretty.

This picture is with top coat.

The topcoat does bring out the shimmer a bit. Otherwise it's very smooth and flat like pictured here.

And now for way too many pictures...

If you happen to find these, make sure to check that the duochrome is easily visible because I have seen reject lots.

Wearing these (yes there are more!) combined with the fact that I have not bought polish in forever (at least no serious hauling), I went a little crazy and bought the whole damn China Glaze New Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection for Fall 2012. The Swatchaholic is completely to blame.Warning: visiting her blog will cause your wallet to empty.

I played catch up with a few of the other collections...

Hunger Games
Holiday 2012