Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stroking the bottle

Sometimes a polish just doesn't quite pan out. It looks AMAZING in the bottle and then you put it on only to discover the sadness. The magic is still IN the bottle... stuck to the walls. The most recent victim of this tragic scenario was Pure Ice - Purple Reign.

Looks fine right? Sort of?!

But I want this magic! Why won't it translate to the nail?!

If the light hits it just right, I definitely get some sparkle, but nowhere near the magnificent display I see stuck to the bottle wall.

Don't get me wrong. It's a great polish. Actually, so great I wore it two times in a row ... well maybe that was because it chipped so easily it needed reapplication. Also, I just hadn't come to terms with the inevitable.

At the end of the day, this is one of those polishes I will pick up, stroke, and marvel at the beauty in the bottle. I will be glad I have it, but secretly hope it would do more with its life.

EDIT: OMG! Olivia went there... check out her comment below and then watch the video.

That's exactly how it will go, hahahaha.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Straight Edged

I can't say I am very straight edged, but my nails are a different story. There is nothing that bothers me more then a jagged side wall. What is that, you say?! Two examples...

middle finger

Aside from not looking very attractive, a jagged side wall (middle finger) has a weakened nail structure. I mean just think about it, missing nail pieces! Also, the sharp edges have a tendency to get caught on things. Both increase the probability of a nail tear. That does not bring me happiness. 

pointer finger

This happens a lot on my pointer fingers too.

How does all of the jaggedness come about? Recently, my fingers got caught up with a shark. Actually, for whatever reason, the nail structure is just a bit softer there; it happens sporadically.

But seriously, how awesome is the Discovery building!? I get to see this everyday!

What's my solution to prevent inevitable sadness? File the side walls. WHAT?! I know, I know.  I told you never to do that. Correction! I told you to do it a certain way. See here.

To summarize:
precious side wall

To preserve nail integrity it is best to keep as much of the side wall intact as possible.

avoid filing like this

Avoid holding and filing like pictured here. This gives too much access to the entire side wall. Too much filing of the entire side wall compromises the nail structure, making the nail more likely to tear.

tear on the pointer finger

Then this might happen...

In this situation my jagged edge was so far down, I couldn't even file it. I do have a solution ... nail fix here.

file the side wall like this!

This is a much safer way to file the side wall.  

So, let's see the "after" photos!
middle finger

Ahh, so smooth!

pointer finger

Catastrophe avoided!