Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Green fungus ... Not really

I came across a Sinful bottle of green polish. It made my fingers look pretty and then it made them look gangrenous. First, let's oooh and aaah...

Sinful - San Francisco

A warm tone deep green with a shimmery jewel type finish. I love this type of finish and want one in every color!

I was hoping it would look like the bottle color... sadly the duochrome was not visible on the nail.


Still awesome though!

In the shade... 
This is my other hand. My nails are shorter on this hand because I had a nail break. :(

If you can't tell, I have a nail fix on my middle finger. This will come into play later.

How to for nail fix using Shellac here.

But basically, this polish made this happened. Holy freaking jaundice fingers!!

So that nail fix.... it got beat in the face and turned GREEN! On the bright side, the break had already grown out and I could remove it.

I discovered the nail fix protected the nail from turning yellow! Thanks Shellac! Which is more than I can say for the 2 coats of regular basecoat. Watch out for this beauty!

See that white spot I circled in red? There is a reason I have it and I will tell you about it soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pastels done right

When I was asked to review Lime Crime's Les Desserts d'Antoinette Nail Polish Collection I was hesitant as they are all pastels. I thought, oh great, seven chalky difficult to apply polishes here I come!

The first thing I notice with these polishes were the names. I loved them all.

'Milky Way'

Is it surprising I chose to wear this one first? I love sheer whites so this was the next best thing. It ended up flawless in two coats! It leans slightly beige pink.

Even the first coat was pretty amazing. Quickly, I began to realize these were not your average pastels.


Standard bright lavender lilac pastel.

'Once In A Blue Mousse'

Oh man, I really loved this one. It reminded me very much of those Tiffany's like colors. See here.

'Parfait Day'

This pink is not quite as bright/neon in real life. Also, do you see the bubbling on my ring finger? That is an application issue; more on that later...

'Pastelchio' <---tee heee!

Woah MAMA! You like green? You like it LOUD!? Well this is your kind of green pastel then. This picture is in the shade too!

I was definitely self conscious wearing this bad boy.

'Peaches <3 Cream'

Seriously, that's the name. Someone asked what I was wearing. I had to pause and think of what to say...
"Peaches heart symbol Cream?!"

Somehow that doesn't quite have a ring to it. I substituted "and" for <3

This might be my first orange... I can't complain.

'Crema De Lemon'

As my sister says, if you want to wear yellow on your nails, why don't you just not wear basecoat for a while? How true. But when you can't wait for those dark colors to do their magic on your nail beds, this one will do the trick!

Actually, last time I wore yellow I was scared/scared so I left this guy for the very end because I thought I wouldn't like it. I was dead wrong.

What a nice yellow! It ended up being one of my favorites.

I thought this collection would come with your run of the mill pastel formula; I am happy to say this was not the case. The formula on all of these was a dense creme. If you are not careful, the two coats it would normally take to make it opaque will give you bubbles (at least that is what happened to me). Therefore, I opted for 3 super thin coats most of the time. My only other caution with these is, wear two coats of basecoat or you nails may stain, at least mine did.

These were sent for review.
They are 9 ml/0.3 oz
$5.99 each or $39.00 for all 7
On a superfluous note: The packaging is really cute and their site is so wonderfully whimsical!