Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pastels done right

When I was asked to review Lime Crime's Les Desserts d'Antoinette Nail Polish Collection I was hesitant as they are all pastels. I thought, oh great, seven chalky difficult to apply polishes here I come!

The first thing I notice with these polishes were the names. I loved them all.

'Milky Way'

Is it surprising I chose to wear this one first? I love sheer whites so this was the next best thing. It ended up flawless in two coats! It leans slightly beige pink.

Even the first coat was pretty amazing. Quickly, I began to realize these were not your average pastels.


Standard bright lavender lilac pastel.

'Once In A Blue Mousse'

Oh man, I really loved this one. It reminded me very much of those Tiffany's like colors. See here.

'Parfait Day'

This pink is not quite as bright/neon in real life. Also, do you see the bubbling on my ring finger? That is an application issue; more on that later...

'Pastelchio' <---tee heee!

Woah MAMA! You like green? You like it LOUD!? Well this is your kind of green pastel then. This picture is in the shade too!

I was definitely self conscious wearing this bad boy.

'Peaches <3 Cream'

Seriously, that's the name. Someone asked what I was wearing. I had to pause and think of what to say...
"Peaches heart symbol Cream?!"

Somehow that doesn't quite have a ring to it. I substituted "and" for <3

This might be my first orange... I can't complain.

'Crema De Lemon'

As my sister says, if you want to wear yellow on your nails, why don't you just not wear basecoat for a while? How true. But when you can't wait for those dark colors to do their magic on your nail beds, this one will do the trick!

Actually, last time I wore yellow I was scared/scared so I left this guy for the very end because I thought I wouldn't like it. I was dead wrong.

What a nice yellow! It ended up being one of my favorites.

I thought this collection would come with your run of the mill pastel formula; I am happy to say this was not the case. The formula on all of these was a dense creme. If you are not careful, the two coats it would normally take to make it opaque will give you bubbles (at least that is what happened to me). Therefore, I opted for 3 super thin coats most of the time. My only other caution with these is, wear two coats of basecoat or you nails may stain, at least mine did.

These were sent for review.
They are 9 ml/0.3 oz
$5.99 each or $39.00 for all 7
On a superfluous note: The packaging is really cute and their site is so wonderfully whimsical!


  1. You are right, those are some great shades. Really liking the green and peach and yellow and pink and lavender, oh heck I like the entire collection. LOL!

  2. WHAT $39 for all of these, that's cray cray! They're sooo pretty!

  3. I wasn´t really captivated by any other posts about these. But you managed to make me want them :P
    Loved Milky Way, Lavandairy and Pastelchio!

  4. These look great on you! I'm loving the green =)

  5. I LOVE Lime Crime!! You are so lucky you were chosen to review these polishes!!!! Lavendairy has to be my favorite. I love the site too, Doe Deere is stunning!

  6. I'm so jealous! I might just want them for the unicorns, lol! But I have to say, Milky Way is on my wishlist cause like you, I'm a sucker for them!

    I find it funny that your like me and self conscious about what colors I wear on my nails, and that green might make me feel self conscious too....definitely a not at work polish, lol!

  7. Damn...where can I get these...I love bright neons, and that green is awesome. I am one of those "love yellow polish" people, though, so I am drooling over all of these!

  8. Whoo-Hoo, US shipping mouhahahaha!!!

  9. It's nice to be able to find some pastels that are done correctly! Love Milky Way!

  10. I just want to pry your nails off and gently place them upon my own.. IT RUBS THE CUTICLE OIL ON ITS CUTICLES OR IT GETS THE ACETONE AGAIN.

  11. Oh my goodness gracious me. Love. I love all of them, except the green, not sure about the green

  12. Woooah! Pastelchio looks fricking amazing! I might get that one some day. :D

  13. I can't believe how much I like Milky Way, it looks just gorgeous on you!!!

  14. HAHAHAA why not just wear basecoat if you want yellow nails! OMG that cracks me up big time! Oh Loodie how I love your humor! It's so me! I am thinking I may need to try a few of these-I've been seeing them around but wasnt sure-I am totally into orange and yellow right now-so I think I will hop over there and take a peek!

  15. I am so impressed with the gorgeous pigmentation in these! I guess the price for that is some staining, but I've never seen a prettier collection of pastels.

  16. these look better than the most cremes. I think I would love Milky way, good opaque non streaky white is so hard to find :( I wouldn't mind Once In A Blue Mousse and Pink Parfait either ^_^

  17. These look great on you! I'm a member of the No-Pastel Committee but your swatches might have changed my mind. ^_^

  18. lovely polish, but the owner of lime crime is a scammer and con artist.

  19. Love the lemon shade and the aqua especially! Even though it's dark vampy season, these make me wish for spring a lil bit :)