Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eennie Mennie Miny Moe

I gave my hubby two choices ... Revlon Rock or Color Club Ruby Slippers. To my surprise he chose the V-day like color.

When I look at my hands I feel like I need a sleigh and some reindeer, but I really like it. 

It's much more sparkly in real life.
High five to micro-glitter ... this means I don't hate it after topcoat ... in this situation, thanks Seche Vite.

I doubled up on base coat in hopes I would not have jaundiced fingers after removal, but we shall see.
I love this color at night when the lamp hits it, it looks juicy :P


  1. Damn you have gorgeous nails. UGH lmao

  2. I wish I had your nails. They look perfect!

  3. That color looks amazing on you :)

  4. awesome colour :D and lovely pics, you really captured the sparkleyness :D hehe
    is this one very similar to China Glaze Ruby Pumps? it does look more glittery though! :) also I'm so with you on microglitter, its lovely having the glitter effect without the rough feel :D

  5. Thanks so much all!

    @Diava, I don't have ChG Ruby Pumps :-/ durn it.