Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do my nails look fat?

I posted previously that nails can and will absorb water ... this post is just a proof of concept.

That previous post can be found here and describes how a nail in such a state ought to be treated carefully (i.e. avoid filing, using your nails as tools, or polish application).

Now on to pictures!

Here is my nail in a normal dry state.

Here is the same nail after a long hot shower.

Indeed, it looks like she had a large dinner and has to unbutton her jeans.

That is all.

P.S. The fatness is most obvious when you have a pronounce C-curve for sure. If you're not sure what that is come visit here! *hugs to all <3


  1. My nails always do that and I hate it! Especially when they're really long because it flattens my c curve and makes my nails look obese

  2. Haha, I have the same. It looks weird, right? Fat nails, lol.

  3. WHOA. How crazy. I've never noticed this about my nails. I have noticed after a hot shower my cuticles look nasty. :) BTW- when I read the title of this post I choked on my coffee.

  4. well they do soak up some water :)

  5. Insane! I haven't noticed this with my own nails, but then again, I haven't been looking. I'll pay close attention next time I'm in the bath.

    Lol, fat nails :P

  6. @Scandalous - I like the obese look for my weirdly curving witch-y index finger (which then looks normal), otherwise it totally blows.

    @Rachel Marie - LOL *pats you on the back like mom used to do when I was choking, but I'm pretty sure that technique is 100% ineffective.

  7. This title was hilarious, I was going through the blogs I follow picking one to read right now and as soon as I read your title I was like....yes that one is it. I'm shocked, now I feel like I should go shower just to check out my nails afterwards. That's such a crazy thing!

  8. Mine get bloated then dehydrate. I think they have PMS as much as I do.

  9. I have such a pronounced C-curve that they curve inwards (not all the time, it's worse after I've dried them out by removing nail polish, they get slowly better after new nail polish and cuticle oil; and it's really only noticeable to me): how my nails look after a shower are how I wish they'd look all the time!

    Great post :P

  10. Haha, thanks so much for this post. Mine get seriously bloated after they've been in water!

  11. Nikki's Nail Files - Great success!

    Olivia - Bahahahah

    Silence is Loud - I know right?!

    Jenny$1983 - I know man, my index fingers are the worst. Cuticle oil definitely helps, but I have to keep it greased up 24/7 to look normal, but then all I have is a greasy finger, lol.

    ABOP - I knew you would notice this sort of thing! :)

  12. Omg I've noticed sometimes my nails look wider & flatter... never knew why. thanks :D guess I'm just gonna have to be extra vigilent with cuticle creams/oils (they stop it right?)
    your blog is really awesome btw, I've found it soo helpful. thanks again :)

  13. Hi Bridget! Oils and creams will help to un-curve the nail a bit, but unfortunately aside from letting the nail dry up (from the water), there is not much you can do to get it to curve more than your natural C curve.

    Thanks for reading!! come back anytime :D

  14. oh my gosh, i've been noticing this lately and thought there was something wrong with my nails! (and that was a scary thought, as a nail blogger.)
    i just found your blog today and i'm reading through every post! thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge!
    i found you from another blog today - and i think i'll have to include a link to you in my next post as well. i've learned so much already!
    thanks again :)

  15. haha, you are no weirdo. I feel like the longer the nail gets the more noticeable it is. I'm glad you found me!! Link away :D but I warn you it may make my brain explode from happiness ;)

  16. Wooo, I noticed that on my nails - especially middle finger - too, lately (maybe because they are longer) and I thought
    1) I was crazy
    2) as they were thinner after a day at work, the reason was typing, as I hit on the keys with my nailtips (please don't laugh)!

  17. LOL but but it brings me happiness. You're so cute!

  18. Loodie, I love your posts ! You break nail taboos lol.

    I hate when this happens to my nails. But here's a funny thing. I have (and you seem to as well) a very accentuated C curve. And sometimes my nails look too much like a claw if I don't file the "excess" on the sides...Except that, if I do file the sides too much, they will open and flap out like they do when wet....weird huh ?

  19. I really love when my nails do this, I guess I am weird lol,

    My nails curl on some fingers, I have a very pronounced "C" curve, and when they get saturated, they uncurl and look much nicer.

    I am trying to solve the curl issue with your advice. (Which is excellent! )

    I think the curling is part of a B12 deficiency and lack of iron , both of which I know I have :(

    Can be solved by B12 injections/vitamins etc or so I am told