Sunday, October 23, 2011

Like an old lady

...correction ... the coolest old lady ever!  Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised on the metro.  Usually there is some jerk clipping his nails or doing something else really disgusting.  Recently, however, I saw this old lady (sorry old lady your sun damage gave you away) with a bangin' mani, which inspired me to have something similar. 

She was wearing something dark, not black, but so darn shiny that it blinded me from a far.  She was totally fierce!

OPI - Midnight in Moscow

In this lighting it looks black, but oh so hot.

Direct sun shows the burgundy tones within.

Simply delicious.

Crisp and classic.  Good job old lady, I strive to be like you one day ... minus the wrinkles.

Look at this crap no one wants in Ulta.  Fail Fiona, Fail.  You are not that fierce. 


  1. Poor little fiona, that's so sad.

  2. Midnight in moscow is what got me into nail polish. I have several bottles and will not give it up. Its so dark, vampy, sexy *Swooon then thud*

  3. love your mani, it's really beautiful :)

  4. Bwahaha, I don't pity Fiona much since that color is horrid on almost anyone.

    Love Midnight in Moscow on you!

  5. know what, Fiercly Fiona is one of my favorites! But they are always available on clearance at Ulta, which is sad, because im sure if some people would buy them, the would figure out how awesome she is!

    Ugg...I love this mani, I am totally loving dark, vampy colors right now.

    And I hope this comment makes sence, since Im sorta tipsy at the moment! Love you!

  6. I LOL'd at "Fail, Fiona. Fail."
    i saw those on clearance as well that one magical time i went to Ulta.

  7. Oh man I love "Fiercely Fiona".. such a unique color!! At first I was put off by it, but once I gave it a chance I liked it.

  8. I'd buy one reduced Fiona in a second! and love your nails, and also I love seeing older ladies with great manis, but that's very rare sight

  9. Gorgeous color on you nails!! Love it!

    I feel a bit sad for Fiona because she's so pretty... Why doesn't she get more love??

  10. What's your definition of old? I am 43 and have bangin manis all the time! My hands are wrinkled too! HAHAHAHA!I love midnight in moscow-such a classic! Who the hell is fiona?

  11. That is one hawt mani! And poor poor Fiona, I quite like her, even though she stains like a mofo!

  12. Wow, MIM looks awesome, so glowy!
    I wouldn't mind one of those Fionas, I recently saw it on another blog, and it's lem-worthy! I <3 uglyawesome. :)

  13. YAY for old ladies with cool manis! I love these almost black colors, they are so jummy!!
    I'm sorry for Fiona, never been much into the "limey" shades, anyway...

  14. I love seeing old ladies with style and grace <3. Midnight in Moscow looks darn sexy!

  15. Fark! That is really beautiful and I can't believe I don't have it!

  16. Is it sad that I want that yellow? I want Mellow Kitty by Sally Hanson...I just want a pale yellow! how come there is no special sale at OUR Ulta on Pale yellow?

    Oh and I wish you could have gotten a pic of that ladies nails!


  17. LOL I was hoping to see a picture of the old lady! And it looks like from the promos the unwanted Fiercely Fiona polish is going to be recycled into the Nicki Minaj collection... just sayin'...

  18. The second to last photo (no, NOT Fiona!) is suuuper sexy. Awesome polish! And rock on to the cool old lady on the metro for kickin' out a vampy polish. She's still got 'it'!

  19. @~*~Amber~*~ - they sure did put her in her place though :P

    @EverythingsDiamond - I felt compelled to buy it based on the name, but good thing I absolutely LOVED the color too!

    @♥neelai♥ - Thank you!

    @Annie - People tolerate it's ugliness, I'm sure of it :P

    @Angie - LOL, I absolutely love drunk comments, please do more of this, it was awesome!! <3 I would give Fiona a break, IF, she was 90% off the clearance price, just saying.

    @rebecca - omg, I am so glad you could witness this. My joke has gone full circle, WIN! And yes ULTA is magical! :D

    @Frankenstyna - Like I just told Angie, 90% off the clearance price and she can have a coveted spot in my helmer.

    @hermetic - I totally looked her up and down for a full 10 min, I'm such a creeper :P

    @Annie - because she's ugly? lol, okay, she's not pretty in a traditional sense, but she needs her own category.

    @Fingers - LOL, this lady was probably 55, but looked about 65 from all the sun damage on her face. But, she's got my respect ... based on the mani! Oh and Fiercely Fiona by OPI lol, it's your kind of color. You need her.

    @The Nail Buff - OMG and she stains, f her in the face!

    @Solveig - lol, okay maybe one day she will grow on me and be ugexy <---LOL ugly + sexy

    @maisenzasmalto - I tried two yellows in my life. I hated myself for it.

    @Deborah - haha, you got that Biggie song in my head now! *To all the ladies in the place with style and grace ...* NICE!

    @Olivia - lol, I love your usage of 'fark', it's quickly becoming a favorite word of mine.

    @KJ Callaway - Had I not been in such a trance with her mani, damn it, next time, next time!

    @GothamPolish - holy shiz, I saw that. Freaking hilarious!!! - :D thank you, I love that pick too!! She totes does, I love being pleasantly surprised!

  20. Too freaking funny reading all the comments! Gorgeous color on you Loodie! I saw the most awesome pedi on a lady probably in her early 60's....She had my respect too!

  21. That old lady totally had it goin' on! That's a major giveaway of a woman who's young at heart...good for her! This colour is sooooo sensual! You reminded me that I think I need to dust it off and get me some of that! Looks gorge on you!

  22. @Gottwinkies - Nice! I love seeing that too! - She totes did! haha,start dusting you sexy thang!:P

  23. I know it's an old post but I must comment! I work in a grocery store and one of our regular customers is this amazing old lady who always wears this excat mani! Just today she came in again and I was thinking how classy she is. She once complemented my nails - I was in heaven.