Sunday, October 16, 2011

M to the I to the A

Oh hey there guys!  Long time no see.  Typically I hate the types of posts that explain long absences, so writing this post is like torture.  More often than not, life gets busy and priorities set in right?  I'll spare you the dirty details, but that is exactly the case at the moment.  I have so many things to write about (or in progress posts), but not enough hours in the day to finish them.  I make no promises, excuses or apologies.  I will only say that I miss you all and that I'm in it for the long haul, because this place and you guys bring me happiness. 

How about less boring chatter and more eye candy!?  This next polish is brought to you by ... Another bottle of polish?!, thank you sweet sweet lady!!

Color Club -  Alter Ego

How sexy is this beast?  Aside from sexy it's a really interesting color.  I can't even say color because it's all about the finish.  There is so much shiny fleck goodness you can literally use it as a mirror. 

Perhaps in this terribly lit photo you can see the boat load of purple, gold and silver flecks.  Otherwise, the color is greyish purple.

 Even in the dark you can use it to check your lipstick.

From what I have seen, this color is similar to Hard Candy - Mr. Wrong.


My cat says hi!

Her pinky needs shaping, maybe into a squoval.  She should read this post.


  1. I giggled at the last sentence. I am always thinking the same thing when I see one of the nails from my cats is shaped weirdly.

    I really like this color on you!

  2. i love that graphite/pewter cool metallic shade! so gorgeous, i need one like it :D

  3. Hi! Glad you are back fellow chemist! The polish is gorgeous. I'm not so much of a silver/pewter fan but this one is stunning.

  4. HAHA last picture and text! You always made me laugh! I'm missing you too! :* This color looks really stuning on you, I'd probably removed it as soon as I'd put it on my nails. xD

  5. I'm worse, lol. I usually try to use a nail file with my sister's cat whenever we trim her nails.

  6. Life gets like that, sometimes. Your polish is gorge, tho. :D

    Your kitty has lovely nails.

  7. Glad you're back, dear! Missed your humor. LOVE the polish-ABOP is an awesome lady :-)

  8. Hii we missed you too!
    I skipped Alter Ego, but now I kind of regret it because it looks awesomee on you.

    Your cat's pinky is also hot.

  9. I never thought much of this polish, but your pictures make me want to buy it. Hehe, I love the kitten paw picture. :D I hope everything will get better soon in your life! I was in a similar place a few weeks ago, so perhaps I can relate a bit. *passes on the hot chocolate with whipped cream*

  10. I love the kitty paw picture! I'm always checking my cat's nails thinking they could use some shaping! :P
    That polish looks gorgeous on you!

  11. Can you believe I have this color, and haven't worn it?!? Looks gorgeous on you! And welcome back!

  12. I missed your posts, I'm still laughing for the last picture!! I have never been interested in that polish but now that I've seen it on your nails: <3!!

  13. Long time no see! I definitely understand the whole "life and doing things" aspect, so take your time and we'll be here when you return. And any time you'd like to discuss more inappropriate polish names on Twitter I'll be waiting. ;p

  14. YAY! Missed you girl. No worries about life etc., we're all in it for the long haul with you too :)

    LOVE this polish. Oh man. Gimme gimme gimme.

  15. #1. I'm so happy you surfaced for air. #2. That colour made me weak at the knees. Seriously. That's the most purest gunmetal pewter shade I've ever seen....NEED IT!!! #3. What? No matching mani on the kitty? Love ya mucho, my stunning nerd! xox

  16. I love your blog! I did a review of it because I'm so happy that my peelie problems are gone. P.S. I'm surprised your kitty is patient enough for a photo...!

  17. Lol @ shiny enough to check your lipstick. Looks gorgeous!

  18. Yay! You're back! Though it is understandable not to be able to post consistently sometimes. Your blog is awesome, it is fun and you have nice pictures. Your nails are GORGEOUS! I thought I had a nice curve to my nails, but yours take the cake.
    And the kitty claw made me laugh. :D

  19. @Deborah - :D believe it or not I have actually tried filing those babies ... sorry cat. Clipping is really the way to go though! :P

    @socialitedreams - it's not the bestest thing ever, but it is unique and I am glad I have it.

    @Fingers - :P it has crossed my mind though.

    @greeneyespinknails - *secret handshake* ;)

    @Ivana - It is unique so I'm keeping it, but I definitely don't need to buy something else similar. That would be too much awesome in one helmer drawer. :P

    @marox79 - lol, I tried it. She didn't like the results and didn't leave a tip.

    @Ice Queen - Thank you for the support and comment!

    @Gottwinkies - thank you, she is, I want to kiss her ... on the mouth ... yep I said it.

    @ChaosButterfly - my kitty gives you head kisses!

    @ReecesPeeces - lol, i love that!

    @Ulmiel - aww thanks! *gorges* *unbuttons first button of jeans*

    @Susy - lol, I should do a before and after! lol

    @Angie - dude we have the potential to be mani twins! That would be super awesome, I look forward to it one day :D

    @Elizabeth Life and Polish - and I miss you <3

    @Solveig - yes you are! :D

    @maisenzasmalto - It would look fantabulous on you and if you can get it for $1.99 online, why not!?

    @Rie (Nails and Noms)- anytime my friend, anytime! - I am so glad to hear that! Thanks for the support! - Oh man they sell these caps for cat nails. You glue them on and they prevent the cat from scratching the furniture. If I ever find them, my cats and I are soooo matching our mani's!!

    @mariebeedee - awww, joy to my ears!! thanks for the love!

    @ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) - oh hi there pretty lady, thank you!!

    @Frankenstyna - lol, thank you so much for the positive comments and love, I hug you now okay?