Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ooo colored nail treatments

The 4th hour of the today show the can be really ridiculous entertaining.

Morning boozing ... yes Hoda and Kathie Lee have the market cornered.

The other day I happen to be watching and caught a segment that stated Dermelect was launching a color line.  Very interesting.  I Googled furiously and came across ...


More fishing and I discovered they are taking color requests for their Spring collection on their facebook.  Heck yes!

Dermelect Facebook Page

Voice your opinion.  I requested duochromes.

I do hope they take these requests seriously and this is not just a ploy.  :-/

In any case, they have one color already out there called "Makeover":

Peptide Infused Concealer and Treatment.  Anti-aging Ridge Filler.

You can use it either on its own or as a base coat.

I am testing out the wear, but in the mean time let's look at the color.


This takes me back straight to high school.  I wore a color similar to this ... all the time.

Actually, it was a Wet 'n' Wild ... just like this.  Like my beloved sheer whites, I went through bottles upon bottles. 

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler
1 coat

Obviously sheer and my nails are yellow, eh *note to self - take care of that poo poo* 

2 coats ... still sheer and I can guarantee it will stay that way.

2 coats vs. 3 coats (left to right)

My nails look less yellow no? Perhaps the blue shimmer counteracts this uglyness.

Fluorescent light:
3 coats
sheer blue shimmer

I am reminded how I love this look.  Clean, crisp, simple.

3 coats.  In real life the blue shimmer is more visible.

First impressions:
As far as color is concerned ... nothing special.  It is easily dupe-able, for a much lower price.  However, the color is infused with good ingredients, so that does bump up its status slightly.  The jury is still out on the rest ... to be continued.

What would you recommend Dermelect include in their new spring line?

*This product was sent for review*


  1. Yeah... I'm going to say it. Holo! :D

  2. I'm not sure I'd pay extra for their polish but I do love their cuticle cream!

  3. The first thing I read instead of Dermelect was Derelict from Zoolander, which then reminded me of Mugatu and his amazing sweater/corset combo... XD

  4. That wet-n-wild color is my mom's fave! Do they still make it?! She bought so many bottles at one time, I am sure she bought enought to last YEARS!!!

    1. I'm sure they still make it, and if not wet 'n' wild, everyother company has one too.

  5. OMG I have that Wet & Wild. I know where it is right now.

  6. I'd recommend duochromes, too!
    My high school polish (early years) was a pastel pink from L'Oreal. I really loved it!
    Later I switched to more daring colors (I remember a weird yellow shimmer I wore during my last year)!

    1. Hey man some people can rock yellow, you are one of them.

  7. I just want to say after doing some research and having stumbled upon your awesome blog, you're amazing with informing people of nail health. I just started and I mean about 6 months ago, really taking care of my hands and fingers. I used to be one of those girls with short finger nails and if I saw hang nail I'd rip it off with my teeth and let the blood flow. EW. Barf. I know!!! It got to the point where I had booboo's on each finger from just ripping hang nails off. Now after investing a small fortune into a nail polish collection and a bunch of different products for my hands and fingernails, I have pretty digits!! yay, go me!!

    I am constantly scowering the net for great blogs on "how to's" and all around gerenal nail/nail polish/nail care information. Your blog was immediately marked as a favorite of mine! So that being said, keep the posts coming because one day I will no longer be a newbie to the nail scene :)