Thursday, October 18, 2012

Matte Moments

When it comes to mattifying my manicure I can be pretty resistive. I REALLY like it when my nails are shiny, but sometimes a girl likes change. When the mood strikes me, it helps to have a decent matte top coat to make everything look meticulous. I think I found a good one!

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Before I even tell you what matte top coat I am using, can we please read the warning on the bottle?! Go read ... I'll wait...

I would be one pissed 7 year old.

When I first received this matte top coat by MASH, I only dipped one toe in the pool, so to speak, to test the waters. Actually quite literally my pinky is the only mattified finger here.

This was at least 3 coats of KleanColor - Fuschia Glitter

MASH matte top coat is only on the pinky; the rest of the fingers were probably Seche Vite.

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Orly - Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

What a fantastic green!!! Gollie g. 

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It is equally as awesome with matte top coat. Good job MASH!

Here is an equally fabulous green (see more here) made LESS FABULOUS...

Sinful - San Francisco

I don't know... it kind of takes the life out of it.

BUT in terms of matte top coat quality... it is superb.

I do like a nice matte cream on occasion. It makes me feel like I am wearing Illamasqua's rubber finish polishes. That dirty post can be found here.

This is Revlon - Rock with MASH matte top coat.

Look how smooth!!

How good is this matte top coat?

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Battle of the top coats...

Seche Vite vs. MASH

.... uuuhhh, it's like apples and oranges people. They are both great.

 Bonus picture here!

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Barielle vs. MASH

Barielle Matte-inee is the only other matte top coat I own.  This is Barielle Matte-inee over Lime Crime - Peaches <3 Cream

You may not be able to tell from the picture, but there were visible streaks in the finish. Sad face. This is probably why I don't use it much. I am not sure whether the problem is the brush (it's horrid!) or the formula, or a combination of both.

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MASH matte top coat is like butter. The brush and formula worked like a charm EVERY time.

Can I just say how much I enjoy a mattified pastel!

More Lime Crime Pastels can be found here.

More manicures with MASH...

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I decided to layer Orly - Royal Navy with a bunch of glitters and mattify them!

Bonus picture here!

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Left to Right:

Pinky: Finger Paints - Asylum
Ring: Revlon - Galaxy
Middle: Revlon - Radiant
Index: Orly - Royal Navy shiny!
Thumb: Orly - Royal Navy matte!

I am completely convinced. Not only does MASH deliver a high quality matte finish, but the dry time was great too. What is your favorite matte top coat?

MASH matte top coat is $7.99 for 15mL (0.50 fl.oz.)

*This product was sent for review*


  1. I dear I absolutely love all of your nail ^^
    vendy from Italy

  2. i really love the pink one :)

  3. Great review. I have two matte top coats that give two different looks. Karaja The Mat Maker gives gorgeous rubbery look. I love it over creme polishes. Flormar Matifying Top-coat is great over shimmers and glitters.

  4. I don't use a matte top coat often, but I usually use Essie Matte About You.

    And OMG that Orly MMUTM.... completely gorgeous!

  5. I REALLY like Nubar for Men as a velvet/demi-matte top coat. I bought it because I found Essie's to be too harsh for my liking.

  6. Ahh, matte topcoat! I ALWAYS forget about them! I have probably......5 or 6 of them. My favorite's are Essie's and my newer one by Butter London. I think my favorite polishes to mattify are flakies, they just look so awesome matte! Shimmers are a close second.

  7. love! I also have the MASH matte top coat and LOVE it! I was quite impressed. and TOO FUNNY about the age warning. How did I not read that on my bottle? LOL

  8. I am like you. I have to have shiny-and I add new top coat every day to make sure it stays that way. My problem with matte is the second you put lotion on (which you know we do religiously) the matte is ruined. This is why I am not a huge fan.

  9. I'm still on the fence with matte, but I do like the MASH top coat!

  10. I like demi-matte topcoats, which are essentially packaged as men's manicure polishes, because they take shine away without giving the manicure a chalky cast. My current favorite is Nubar for Men, but Essie Man-e-cure is pretty much the same thing. You might give one of those a shot if you're curious. :)

  11. Hey, Anna. I've been eyeing a few sheer whites, but found a lack of swatches for me to decide if I want them or not. Since you are Mrs. Sheer White, I've been wondering if you have them and could swatch them? The ones I've been looking at are: Essie "Allure", Sally Hansen CSM "Sheer me now", and Sally Hansen CSM "Polar Bare". Just wondering if you could swatch these. Thanks!

  12. I'm still exploring matte manis, I have have the N.Y.C. brand topcoat and it works well enough, haven't tried it alone, only layered over my normal top coat, so no idea about how well it wears on it's own. still trying to do the subtle stamping I've seen around the web, I think it would look awesome.

    btw, love your nail care series of posts, they've helped me a lot with figuring out my nail troubles!

  13. My favorite top coat is Seche Vite... always.

  14. I love matte nails. I'll have to look into buying a matte topcoat.

    <3 Melissa

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