Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dirty Crabs

Eating crabs is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  This weekend, that lucky lady was me.  Yay for my belly, nay for the mani.  Normally when I participate in this activity it is hell on the nails and hands.  I end up with micro-cuts and acetone has no mercy.  Furthermore, the wetness makes my nails obese.

If you are on the west coast, or in other parts of the world, you are probably looking at this picture and wondering, 'why is she excited about eating muddy crabs?' 

photo credit

The deliciousness on these blue crabs is a seasoning mainly well known in Maryland and the surrounding regions of the U.S.; it's called Old Bay.

Have you ever tried Old Bay?
If you ever get the opportunity ... try eeet!

The crab says hi!

Then I ate him, he was delicious.

It's too bad the first time I get to show you China Glaze - Heart of Africa is with all this muck on my hands.

How is this? Oh woops, still dirty.

I promise to show you Heart of Africa properly in a future post because it is GORGEOUS, not to mention a fantastic fall color!

Do you see the terror?!  My nails are so fat.

I showed my engorged water logged nails once before in this post

Once I cleaned up, the mani was a bit scraggly, but doable ... um except then this happened ...

 Peeka boo, I see you!

Mani ... dead. 

What do you think ... save them for later? 

The hubbie tried to fit them on his fingers ... ROFL.

I've never had Dungeness crabs so I am super jealous of the Cali girls, BUT blue crabs are delicious and worth all the mess, cuts and a dead mani. 



    one of the few things DEFINITELY worth the nail damage.

    Love the swatches.

  2. girl you are making me insanely jealous lol! i haven't had any crabs yet this year :( though it looks like your mani fares better than mine after eating them. and old bay is the best.. i put it on everything!

  3. Om nom, nom, nom.

    That polish is beautiful and it showed through the Old Bay. I wish that you had taken a picture of your husband putting your polish on his nail. *evil grin*

  4. Your mani just slid off?? Crazy!!

    My Dad catches crabs all the time here in the PNW, but I never take them.....too much work, and I'm lazy! Lol!

  5. OMG, I grew up in Delaware, but live in Tennessee now, so I only get to eat blue crabs once or twice a year when I go back home to visit. My jaw literally dropped when I just saw this post, I'm so jealous... and hungry! : ) Love Love Love blue crabs and Old Bay! And nail polish! This is like a perfect post for me! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Haha, I have NEVER seen a nail polish slide off in complete form before! Awesome.
    YUM, love crab so much. And I'm very familiar with Old Bay! I do, however, love Dungeness crabs more than any other type of crab. They're amazing!

  7. Old Bay! <3 What is the purpose of having a spice cabinet without Old Bay and Cavendars?! I needed a grin after my exciting, ER filled day. Thanks for providing it!

  8. Mmm, Old Bay! I can eat that stuff on anything. I find Dungeness to be a bit sweeter and easier to eat. I eat Blue when I want to be a messy pig. Can't go wrong with any crab really.

  9. I never ate crab! And how weird with your manicure falling off.

  10. You are awesome for showing us your manicure while holding Old Bay covered crabs!!! I love it!! (And crabs and Old Bay spice.. mmmmm)

  11. Dungeness crabs are named after a town in WA state and the range runs clear up the coast to Alaska. I was born and raised in WA (you used to see crabbers on the side of the highway with pots of freshly boiled, still hot crabs for sale for a few dollars each. Loved it when dad brought several home!), but I actually prefer the Dungeness from Alaska. Tastes sweeter to me.

    Someday, someday I'm going to make it to the East coast to try blue crabs and soft shell and Maine lobster fresh off the boat. Someday! And it will definitely be worth the sacrifice of a mani, lol.

  12. Probably I'm the only one who scrolled down to pass those pictures with crabs. xD I never ate and never want to eat them, any sea food is a big no for me. :D
    Your mani looks pretty though! That happened to me with MAAH, it came off in one piece. :D

  13. Old bay and crabs are THE bomb! I used to have my polish fall off in one sheet all the time, just 'glue' em back on with base coat! So your blog has crabs, mine had fish on it! We are weird bloggers, aren't we?!?

  14. me some crabs, but they sure are hell on a manicure! Are you in the Maryland area?? Jessie and I would always be down for a meet-up/dusty-hunting! :-)

  15. Courtney! :) I was just thinking the same thing. I just had crabs on memorial day and the SAME thing happened to me. About 4 of my nails came off in one big piece. So worth it though. Love love love this post!

  16. A tad cannibalistic, wouldn't you say, oh fellow "crab" Cancerian? LOL!!! Seriously though, considering that pile of crabs and the tasty looking seasoning on top, I'd say your nails look spectacular...well, except for that casualty! I was lucky enough this Summer to hit an awesome crab place in Florida, where I ordered a HUGE tray of crabs, Dungeness and Blue amongs them, and I'm proud to say that I DEVOURED the entire tray! I have to show you that pic of those's inspiring, lol!!! PS: love this shade on you!!

  17. I absolutely love love crabs! Those are a bigger temptation for me than chocolate (and I am a very big sucker for chocolate)! But they do ruin my nails too and they are awful for cholesterol (unfortunately my cholesterol is very high and I have to avoid crabs ;__;). But you had to put this here and now I am drooling for those *____* lucky you!!!!

  18. OMG those crabs are giant! Luckily it's past midnight here and I ate enough/a lot this evening, otherwise I'd be so hungry! Any seafood here is considered delicacy, but I have to say our mediterranean crabs are so small compared to yours.
    Your mani picture posing with crab is hilarious and polish is nice, really strange it peeled off that way!

  19. OMG you got crabs! You dirty girl! I want to lick your fingers but then I would end up swallowing your polish.

  20. @Maria - Totally! I promise cleaner swatches soon :D

    @nirfreak03 - This was my first time this year ... I was sooo excited! Now you have plans to plot :D I love Old Bay on fries!

    @Ice Queen - Dang it, I should have ... that would have been epic. He kinda looked like a hooker/drag queen >.<

    @Kristy - ugh, tell me about it. It's an outdoor activity for sure!

    @Angie - Technically they peeled off, but it was pretty freakay! I'm kinda jealous you have such easy access to crabs ... that would be good if they are of the edible kind, but NOT if they are of the itch variety :P

    @Crystal - haha, yes! This is a perfect combo for me too! *high fives*

    @Nicole - I have heard Dungeness crabs are slightly better. It is my life's mission to eat them :P

    @Rebecca - Okay, I had to Google Cavender's, but now I must have it!!!! I'm so happy the post brought you happiness!! <3 :D

    @KrisInPhilly - You are so right, I never met a crab I didn't like ... and I can't wait to meet a Dungeness!!

    @Deborah - WAAAAt!! Put it on your bucket list.

    @Frankenstyna - haha, the crab told me to do it.

    @Sandi - That sounds amazing. I loved that story. Closer to Baltimore they will occasionally have small trucks that sell blue crabs out of the back, freshly steamed. Many times those are the best ones.

    As we each head to the opposite coast to fulfill our crab eating desires we can totally do a drive by high five on I70. :P

    I had a fresh Main lobster once. I wish it was all you can eat like crab feasts usually are.

    @Ivana - No way?! I will eat up your portion anytime!

    @Fingers - We love to shove our faces ... this is normal no? If that is wrong, I don't want to be right! :P

    @Courtney - I shall investigate this scenario :P

    @Jessie - :D I hope I get to have another crab feast before winter comes. LOL, that didn't even cross my mind, but you are so right, hahaha. Poor things, now I feel bad for eating all my brothers.

    Each nail peeled off like that one. I didn't use one drop of remover. 0.o

    I would love to see pictures of a crab feast, although the jealousy would enrage me, I would have delicious dreams. :D

    @Akuma Kanji - oh man you mentioned my other weakness ... chocolate. I tempt you and you tempt me, blarg!

    @maisenzasmalto - haha, I think we ordered the medium and large ones and I agree they were pretty hefty ... just right for my gargantuan hands :P ... and belly.

    @Olivia - Do you know how hard it was for me to keep VD jokes off the post ... I left that open for the comments :P. And ROFL ... no polish sheets for dessert? They are banana flavored though.

  21. I LOVE Old Bay! On everything! It's so good on popcorn, too. I've never had blue crabs, as I am one of the California girls you are so jealous of and have only eaten Dungeness crabs! :D

  22. Dungeness crabs are my favorites. We have blue crabs down here too, but they're such a pain to eat after you get used to big crabs!

  23. I didnt try it jet... I'm wondering what's the taste of seasoning old bay..
    in Slovenia we eat a lot of shrimps called scampi :) they are delicious!
    I'm sorry for your mani.. :/

  24. I love the pictures you took with your hands full of crab and spices! It's fun to see nail pictures like that since I'm used to seeing just regular ones. That's so crazy how nails absorb the moisture and get fat. When I first read 'obese nails' I didn't know how that was possible, but after checking out your Feb post that's pretty crazy and funny looking =]

  25. I've had those crabs in Maryland, YUM! and tremedously messy, but so worth it! I had to show my hubs this post, but I kept wondering-who took the pictures?! Did Hubby NOT eat to take them? (if so, GOOD MAN!) I loved this post, Loodie, so funny!

  26. @Madeline - You luck gal! I love Old Bay on fries :D

    @Noelie - The work to reward ratio perhaps is the problem, lol.

    @misaya - Old bay is so hard to describe. I wonder if shrimp scampi in slovenia is the same as here ... mmm garlic!

    @heartNAT - haha, thanks. A little something different to spice of a nail blog. Pun intended.

    @Gottwinkies - YES!! I made the hubbie wash his hands and take pictures. Of course at this point the family is used to me taking pictures of my nails so smart comments were at a minimum, lol

  27. I just went to the MD eastern shore last weekend and enjoyed some crabs at our favorite local crab shack. DEFINITELY worth all the "trouble"!

  28. I grew up and still live on the West Coast (sort of.. Eastern Washington) I LOVE dungeness crab! I don't think I've ever had blue crab. If you ever get out here, or have the chance to have dungeness, Do Eeeeet! (and I do mean eat!)