Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cherry fight!

One of the most memorable and fun times I remember as a kid was going to "pick your own" fruit at an orchard.  They take you out on a big tractor and like Peter, you pick a peck of pickled peppers ... except we usually picked strawberries and cherries.  And by "pick" I mean shove as many into your mouth when no one is looking and then the rest go in the basket.   

China Glaze - Bing Cherry

How amazingly beautiful is this polish?  It has a really pretty hue very reminiscent of Bing cherries and so the name is quite perfect.  The thing I like most, however, is that it has a very delicate shimmer that in my mind mimics the skin of cherries. 

I love food inspired polish names.  It combines two of my favorite things. :)

Lamp light


This polish is like heaven to apply.  It's very pigmented and  just glides on the nail.  This is two coats.

Indirect natural light

Picking cherries was always really fun.  At some point my sister and I would tire of the "picking" and a pit spitting fight would ensue.  We would leave the farm covered with crusty cherry bits from head to toe.

Aside from the fruit, the orchard had an animal farm with goats that would chase you for corn feed and then horn you if you didn't give it to them promptly.  

Have you ever picked your own fruits or vegetables at a farm?

Next time you eat cherries pelt the pit at a loved one and see what kind of fun follows. :D


  1. You get the prize for BEST final sentence of a blog post ever.

  2. It's really amazing. Why isn't it in my stash or, at least, in my wishlist? :D

  3. Cherry pit spitting is the best thing ever :-)

  4. Oh my god, I totally remember cherry and strawberry picking. There were a few orchards outside L.A. and my parents and I would drive out for the day & pick their own fruits. Of course, we'd have to pet the llamas on the ranch, too! Just don't...mess with the farm cats. They're kinda mean. LOL

  5. What a lovely color. I don't think I've ever seen this before.

  6. We took my two boys to a pick your own this summer and I think they had the most fun riding in the wheelbarrow :) I have fond memories of playing "tinkor taylor" with cherry stones with my Grandma in her garden.

    Oh, and the polish is lovely too :)


  7. What a pretty polish! Looks very sexy on you.

    I never went to a farm to pick fruit but I do remember a forest I walked when I was a kid that had a raspberry bush. We'd eat everything we could from that thing!

  8. Yummy, Your nails look like a big bowl of cherries. Now I want some cherries :)

  9. I love these kinds of colors on you.
    And I would love to throw cherry pits at my family, except for they'd probably give me a straight up beatdown in return.
    No one knows how to take a joke in my house. -___-

  10. What a gorgeous color! Classic but with a bit of a twist with that shimmer. I love pick-your-own farms - brings back great memories of growing up.

  11. Why have I never seen this color before? I would have definitely picked it up, I love Bing cherries! I have never picked my own cherries before, only apples, but it sounds fun!

  12. When we we're little we went to farms to pick strawberrys :) Other than that I haven't paid to pick. Blueberries and raspberries are free in the forest :)

  13. Well head out here (WA) for a Dungeness crab feast next summer and we'll take you to pick cherries too! My sister and I bought a cherry orchard from my grandfather last spring that has been in the family for 100 years, not just Bings, lots of good varieties. Lamberts or Vans are my faves, but you can try them all. ;o)

  14. Yeah its just as fun doing it with olive pits as well!!!

  15. I was such a nerd when I saw your post. I actually squealed "New Loodie!" my fiance looked at me like I was insane.

    I have been wearing tons of dark reds. Does anyone else use peroxide on the nails to get rid of staining? works for me...

  16. I agree with Maria that "You get the prize for BEST final sentence of a blog post ever." and post title as well!! You should come over to vancouver and pick blueberries with me instead >.<

  17. These tones really "pop" on you! Love it! Just don't get too hungry and start nibbling on your nails!!

  18. That color is juicy delicious!

    The one time I went strawberry picking I found out the hard way that there is a finite amount of strawberries you should eat on one hot day. If they wanted to get paid for all we took out of there they probably should have weighed US before and after we hit the patch. But they were SO GOOD....

  19. That is really lovely....and I have picked cherries, apples in people's yards here. Also, we have wild raspberries up in our woods/mountains nearby...nummers!Great post!

  20. So pretty! Not a red fan in general, but this one is such a classic, beautiful red. I think it's so funny how you are into your food lol. Wouldn't think it looking at you! x

  21. So Fingers from Polish Mania sent me over this way to check out your blog since I'm growing out my nails. I'm so glad she did! I love how you throw the science into the package. I definitely subscribed!

  22. This is yummy! I love cherries, my in-laws have a cherry tree in their garden, and every May/June we go there to pick cherries (and for a couple weeks eat plenty of them - I mean at breakfast, lunch, after dinner...)!
    For the "pelt" thing, the most dangerous fruit for me is watermelon (hubby is nasty!)

  23. I love when names perfectly fit the polish this is a beautiful red, and cherry picking sounds like so much fun, I would love to pelt my hubby in the head with some pits! Lol

  24. @Maria - great stress reliever no?

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish - it's a great red, with a little something extra.

    @Fashion Footing - *spits a pit at you* lol :P

    @Annie - Thank you!!

    @elbee - Ooo llamas, I want to pet one!

    @Chaosophia - yay, I win! :P

    @Helly - Oh memories, love it!

    @Deborah - tee hee *red cheeks* OMG we used to do that too around our neighborhood!

    @rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued)- darn me too!

    @ChaosButterfly - lol, awww, let's spit them at each other than :D

    @Megan Harmeyer - Me too, I can't wait to take my future kids there.

    @Tera - Oh, nice. I love apples. Granny smith are my favorite!

    @Helga - I wish I had a forest near by. I would love to pick my own fruit in there and be one with nature ... as I eat nature :D

    @Sandi - O M G *I just died* You are a lucky lucky gal!!

    @Fingers - Nice! *noted*

    @KJ Callaway - lol. I can never get peroxide to work for me. Maybe I don't leave it in there long enough?

    @Silence is Loud - DEAL! My next 2 vacations are now planned! - Thanks Eugenia! haha it's tough I have to consciously not eat my fingers.

    @KarenD - Thanks!

    @Shieldmaiden96 - OMG that is freaking so hilarious and true!! We have had many close calls LOL!

    @Gottwinkies - Oh sweet you can sneak some extra vitamins when the neighbors aren't looking :P! I love wild raspberries too!

    @The Nail Buff - oh yea totally. I love to eat ... I guess I was slightly deprived as a child so I LOVE IT!

    @Sasha - yay! Keep it up and your nails are going to be B . E . A . utiful in no time!!

    @maisenzasmalto - I am jealous of your in-laws cherry tree. Hahaha, watermelon is a great fruit to fight with :) LOL

    @♥beauxs mo - Me too, it's like the circle of life lol. totally do it next time you come across a pitted fruit, preferably not peaches because that sounds like a quick and easy way to land in the hospital. :P