Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grape Flavor

Why is it that artificial flavors never taste like the real thing?  Some of the worst imitations have to include grape, watermelon, and cherry.  Don't get me wrong I love cherry flavor, it just never tastes like a big bowl of Bing cherries.
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This leads to my Nail Of The Day:
China Glaze - Grape Juice
3 coats

*eye roll at my camera*
The color of this polish is not blue, really it's purple, but this picture does show how deep, rich and sparkly it is in lower sunlight.

Normally my grape juice does not include sparkly glass shards, but I won't lie, I like China Glaze's take on grape juice.

In full sunlight.  The glass flecks are so shiny!

Purple! The color is a more deep in reality.

I did three coats for the full mani, but here I am showing what it looks like at one and two coats.

I could have stopped at two, but I feel the color looks much more rich at three.

3 coats

Indirect light.

This picture is more color accurate than the first picture. 

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The absolute worst artificial flavor ...

... BANANA ...

... but they are so cute though!

I love real banannas ;P

Lemon has to be my favorite fake flavor.  I love sour things! :)

What is your favorite flavor of hard candy, least favorite?


  1. Grape.. my favorite was the grape fruit rollup but i haven't seen them in years.... it makes me sad that you're hating on artificial banana. heh i love the banana runts!

  2. I love grape juice it's one of my favorites from China Glaze.

    My absolute favorite candy all imitation flavors are now and laters. It's old school but I love them :)

  3. MMMM...your nails are nice and juicy :) I cannot stand how cherries taste nothing like fake cherries :/ They totally should. They had some Mt Rainier cherries at the grocery store about a month or so ago, and I was like, "ooooh...I need these" and bought a load of them. I ate 2 and the rest went bad! BOO they were so sour! Banana is pretty bad too. Not a fruit, but I hate artificial chocolate flavoring, ala calcium chews or something like that...yucks!

  4. i really like that color! i need it, always adding purples and blues to my collection :D maybe more blueberry than grape, huh?

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  5. This is a great color on you!

    I love grape and cherry artificial flavors. You know those lollipops Dum Dums? I love the grape and cherry ones. -Hides- I actually like fake banana flavor. I love banana runts. I realize I'm in the minority here!

    I HATE artificial watermelon flavor. It never tastes anything remotely like watermelon. Watermelon should be sweet and refreshing not tangy and nasty. The best watermelon flavor I've tried is in this watermelon soda from China I tried at Disney World Epcot. It taste exactly like real watermelon!

  6. Nom, Grape Juice was one of the polishes that really made me take the step and order nail polish from the US (that, Strawberry Fields and Watermelon Rind). And you wear it beautifully.
    As for favourite flavours: I agree, citrusy artificial flavours seem to work very well and I love them. What I truly can't bear is fake strawberry, it's just vile.

  7. favorite fake, definite lemon too, and worst watermelon I don't like the real one either. grape juice is nice, just by the name thought it would be creme and that you layered it with something, but it seems that I was wrong :O

  8. This is on my wish list!! I don't know why I haven't picked it up yet!

    I hate artificial grape!! Does anyone remember grape flavored Dimetapp?!? Nastiest shit ever!! I hated that stuff as a kid....give me the nasty cherry flavored cough syrup any day! I now can't stand the artificial smell of grape anything.....hate it with a passion...lol. I've always loved the red artificial flavors, strawberry, cherry, watermelon....those were always my favorites!

  9. I <3 artificial strawberry, but I <3 real strawberries too! *nom nom* Artificial banana is the worst! BLECHY! I <3 bananas, but wtf is that nastiness?! It's really hard to get anything that has banana in it these days because places always add a little bit of fake banana syrup - I'm looking at you Dairy Queen! >:P

    ps - Grape Juice looks gorgeous on you! ;)

  10. i think i like the taste of every artificial fruit! cherry and watermelon are my faves, but i don't like eating ACTUAL cherries or watermelon!! haha. i'm weird.

    your nails are loooooovely!

  11. You wouldn't by any chance happen to have been hungry as you were swatching this, were you?! Cause you sure made me crave some jelly beans now! lol! Love the colour, love the nails, love the glass shards (in the polish only!!) and love China Glaze! My favourite fake flavour? Anise. Yup! I'm a black licorice-loving fool!! Reminds me of "ouzo", Greece's national alcoholic beverage...I am Greek, after all!!

  12. Purple is my favorite color, hands down. But I'm agreed- glass shards in grapes sounds more like a trip to the ER than a tasty treat. :-) Perfect for a mani though!

    And candy favorite? Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Oh yeah.

  13. my favorite is usually cherry, but I really hate watermelon. It just doesnt do real watermelon's justice.

  14. I think almost all raspberry flavored stuff is nasty, although I love the real thing. Nothing alike! My favorite fake flavor is probably strawberry or cherry. And sour apple!

  15. I haaaate artificial grape flavor, but I love cherry/watermelon/strawberry. This is such an awesome color, too!

  16. That's an AWESOME polish. And banana Runts are from Satan. Cute, and deadly. The red ones and purple ones are the best. Mmmm. I have some here! Want some?!?

  17. Love this ChG! I actually LOVE banana artificial flavor because I'm a real creepster. My fav is Cherry though.. worst = lime.. 9/10 times it tastes like pine sol.

  18. I love artificial banana flavour! Don't hate! ;)
    My least fave is Grape. Yuk!

    But your nails I will make an exception for :)

  19. I love that polish...almost yummy!! My favorite fake flavor...anything citrus! lemon and lime mostly, because I have had some really BAD orange flavors, LOL! Hate grape flavor-blegh...love real grape juice, tho! hehehe, now I'm hungry for runts.....

  20. Ok that is one nice polish!! don't mknow why i have not picked it up...hmmm....

    And i am sorry to say but I LOVE FAKE BANANA....flavor that is,I hate eating real bananas,nasty after taste.I specifically buy runts to pick out the bananas and the red and pink ones YUMMERS!!
    and I also love fake peach flavor!! love peach rings!! they are the bomb-diggity! HATE HATE HATE FAKE ORANGE flavor love the real thing though <3

  21. Beautiful color...I love those flecks.
    Worst fake flavour: strawberry (too sweet, too "fake"). My fav are sour (especially sour soft jellies coated with sugar, I could eat tons of them)

  22. I am excited, I actually have this in my stash. Is it bad I like fake banana flavor? Probably, one of the grossest flavors out there but I don't care, I like it!

  23. Hahaha, so many people like the banana! I wanted to add onto mine, but I write so much anyways...I do like the fake banana that is in runts...nummmm

  24. I don't mind fake cherry, even though it's nothing like cherry lol... fake cherry is a flavor of it's own... worst is whatever is inside a s'more Pop Tart. We know it's not really chocolate and it's not really marshmallow...

  25. Such a pretty color, I keep meaning to pick this one up.

    My favorite flavor is probably strawberry or green apple.

    Least favorite is hands down blue raspberry, 95% of the time it is just awful.

  26. Beautiful polish! I love strawberry! Least favorite would probably be watermelon.

  27. Ahhh love those candies!! The fake flavors weren't so bad if you mushed them all together at once LOL I gotta say though, fake Cherry is the worst - real cherry isn't even close and it's so much more delicious!

    Oh yea. Love the nails too, Anna :P

  28. i've had banana flavored moonpies during mardi gras. luv 'em :)

  29. I am addicted to Sprees candy-but can't find it anymore-do they even sell it?? Can someone PLEASE tell me?!?!

  30. @Manicure Addict - haha, don't worry there is a secret banana loving society. You'll get your letter next week.

    rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued)- I LOVE NOW AND LATERS!! okay sorry for yelling. I replace them with Starbursts when I can't find them.

    @Maribeth (Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite!) - Dang it! To avoid this scenario I am THAT GUY ... yep I shove one or two dirty cherries in my mouth for quality control purposes ;)

    @socialitedreams - You can't go wrong with purple.

    @StardustStephanie - Ooo I wonder what magical goodness was in that Chinese soda, man so jealous.

    @CucumPear - Both Strawberry Fields and Watermelon Rind are just as awesome!

    @Lendoxia - I think layering over a darker purple would look really cool *takes note* yay thanks!

    @Angie - You just made me remember how much I hated taking medicine as a kid, grape *puke. Cherry wasn't much better, but not as bad as puke.

    @Normal Girl Nails - I have never been to dairy queen ... and looks like I never will

    @Rebecca - LOL, that just means you love chemicals, yay!

    @ommorphiabeautybar.com - haha, I am always hungry :P *raises shot glass* Cheers!

    @Spitfire - lol, ... shards ... tee hee

    @Gabby - the only thing it does is ensue rage!

    @DarkThreads - oh I forgot about raspberry, I usually like that one.

    @Laura - Thank you!

    @Janissa11 - I will take the red ones. I will throw the bananas ones in the air and watch them shatter on the ground.

    @Mel, Glassflecked. - lol, you made the pine solve lady pop in my head. Lime can be pretty bad. There seems to be a lot of banana creepers in this comment thread ... you are not alone :P

    @Hayley - lol. We will set our hate aside for the love of polish! yay :)

    @Gottwinkies - The banana lovers are on the prowl! I love citrus. Lemon seems hard to mess up. You totally reminded me how bad orange can be, so true.

    @Alma Johnson - haha, aahhh another banana lover!! I only like perfectly ripe bananas, a day later or a day prior and they are not that tasty. Omg those peach rings bring back so many memories. Like, I used to skip lunch to save up my money to buy them ... yea they were THAT good.

    @maisenzasmalto - Yes another one for the lemon club!! :D

    @Olivia - You are among a long list of banana lovers ... it seems I am the weirdo here lol!

    @GothamPolish - lol, who knows what is in those things. Maybe paper mache? :P

    @Rie (Nails and Noms) - haha, that reminds me. I love the dum dum blue raspberry pops :D

    @Tera - One of the only strawberry candies I really like are the hard candies that come wrapped in a strawberry looking wrapper and they have liquid in the center. Those are pretty delicious.

    @beauty-obsessed.com - Party in your mouth!! ... at least this waters down the banana :P

    @thedogismine - I think I just ralphed ... lol but I do like moon pies :)

    @Fingers - I only ever see those bad boys around Halloween time. Stay tuned, I will keep an eye out! ;P