Monday, November 14, 2011

Pink Haters Look Away

I like pink, especially when it's on sale at Big Lots for a dollar a pop!

Revlon - Sweet Tart

Oooo, so shiny!

I can't remember how many coats this was, but normally I do ~2-3 coats with Revlon.

I enjoy Revlon formulas.  The finish on Sweet Tart was very smooth.

But how about I make it sparkly instead?

I am holding ...

KleanColor - Cream Pearl (111)

It's a nice way to jazz up any color.

Click on this picture to see the bottle in more detail.  Hopefully, you can see the blue and purple flecks in a clear base.

It's so great, but pretty hard to capture ... this is as good as it's going to get folks.

KleanColor is usually $1-2.  I found this one at a local discount beauty supply store, but have bought some of my other KleanColors at Beauty Joint

At least I know Ivana likes this mani! :)


  1. What a gorgeous pink!!! I love it :D

  2. you sparkled out an already epic polish = win!

  3. Juicy color!! I just tried a couple Revlons so far but both were super!!
    BTW you're right, it's a perfect pink mani for Ivana!!

  4. Gorgeous!! I'm about to indulge in some Revlon shopping this week since they're 3/$10 at our local grocery store.. stoked!

  5. I'm pretty sure you could wear dog poop on your nails and I would swoon ;-) Your nails are frickin fabulous and I love this combo! I was recently sent my first Kleancolor by a friend and I am hooked! I need them all!!

  6. Oh my eyes-my eyes!!! Thanks for the pink haters heads up!! I am one of those!!!

  7. HAHA Loodie! I don't like it but I LOVE it. I just adore your gorgeous nails. <3

  8. You know, only you could take a bright bubblegum pink like this, and make it look so grown up & sexy! Seriously, I love the last shot with the top coat; gives it a delicate snow-dusted appearance! Soooooo gorge!!!

  9. WOWSA, Loodie...You look splendiferous in pink! I have come to tolerate most pinks and love some through my nail polish *cough* Addiction....Great color to look for!

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Love the addition of the hint of shimmer, it totally completes the manicure.

  11. That is one gorgeous pink! And I am all about jazzin' it up! Love that sparkle! <3

  12. Love it! And I usually don't like pinks. Why, why is Kleancolor almost impossible to buy for Italians??? T_T

  13. This color is freaking gorgeous. So pink it burns. Loveee it !