Friday, November 4, 2011

Can I please have those 5 seconds back?

No joke, I break nails doing the stupidest things.  I have kept my arm flailing to a minimum lately and have gone unharmed for months.  The other day, however, I was so excited to buy nail polish that I flailed right into a shopping cart ... blammo! Please, can we turn back time?! A girl can dream.  In reality though, I saved the nail.  I have posted on this before, way back ... part I, II, III and IV, but this time I made a video!

Check them out ....

Intro ...

Part I

Part II

 Yay.  How do you fix your nail boo boo's?


  1. Thanks for posting a video. I have never tried this method, although I've always wanted to!

  2. I don't, just cut it away. xD I saw these videos yesterday and.. You know the rest. :D I'm still waiting for you to be my new neighbour. :D

    Btw, you're so beautiful! <3

  3. I file them all down-I hate when people have multiple lengths of nails going on. If I break one, they all go- Damn girl you are one hot mamah jamah-just had to put that out there!!!

  4. I don't save them, I cut the rest off. :/ Usually I break it so lame I don't really have the chance to save it, so it's easier. It's also the reason why I'm having them really really short for the last few weeks. If I don't find anything to break them on, I'll hit a wall with one of them while talking. *sigh*

  5. I don't fix them I just file them when they brake. They tend to brake when I'm not at home so there is nothing I can do then

  6. I don't. I don't have patience for patches and other fixes, so unfortunately, if one goes, they all go.

  7. Awesome and informative! I'd probably just cut all my nails off. Besides, I never break them, they just split off. Annoying!

    Love your ring by the way!

    Off to read your soak-off polish posts! Yay!

  8. My nails always break really low; like yours. I have used nail glue (with the brush)and the tea bag method; I don't LOVE either one. I have REALLY been wanting to try this method; however I have been LAZY when it comes to buying the UV light... I NEED to get on this STAT!!! I would really love to be able to fix my cracks/breaks like this!! Also; have you tried Gellish from Sally Beauty Supply?
    - Arlyn

  9. I use SOGs all the time because my nails naturally bend, peel, and split at the sides. I am having great results with the SOGs.

    New lights are now available that are quite reasonable. Ulta has Red Carpet Manicure and they have an inexpensive light and Sally's has Gelish and they have an inexpensive light. If you need a light for repairs, look and see what is available.

    I use my SOG manicure to fix breaks and even have a product called Gelish Structure which gives additional strength to the nail. When I really lose a nail, I even put on a tip. Once my manicure is finished I am the only one that knows and I like having all my nails one length and not short.

  10. Gel polish is very expensive here so I use regular uv gel system to fix my nails ^__^ Since I'm a gel nail technician I thought I could use it for something (since this didn't give me a job either -_-) and so I use a very thin layer of gel and then it's practically like you said, I check out how thick I want my nail to be and keep on adding layers of gel. My gel catalizes in 2 minutes but I do have a 4 lamps catalyzer. I only have one mini problem with this fix: my nail polish doesn't last long on my nails. How long does it lasts for you, usually?

  11. I love the lion kitty in the back ground of your last video. He/She has the classic cat look of disdain LOL

    My cats when I am doing any nail stuff look at me like I am insane, and they ALWAYS bug me to be petted when my nails are wet. As in we go the entire day ignoring me, then I CAN'T pet them and BAM give me attention!!!

    feline mind control.


  12. Since I do not have any sound on my computer I just watched the video for a few seconds to see how you look *being creepy* and you are so cuuuuute! And there is a kitty <3 hi kitty!

  13. Since I started to take a multivitamin, biotin, flax seed oil and msm sulfur daily. my nails hardy ever break and when they do.. I just cut them all off, and grow them back. I'm actually happy when they do because otherwise I just feel bad to cut them for no reason and they get pretty long lol Thankfully one always breaks before they get too long :)

  14. You are so many kinds of awesome for posting these vids! Thanks for sharing such great info.

  15. If a nail cracks/splits so the piece of nail is still partially attached, I've found that The Best fix for me is ... Gorilla Glue.

    Seriously! That glue that's a liquid amber color and says it works on wood, stone, metal. One day my right ring fingernail cracked horizontally right where the free edge started. I couldn't find superglue or anything, but saw our GG. I figured it was worth a shot.

    It. Is. Awesome! The one application lasted until the crack grew out to just a bit shy of the longer-end of my nail length scale. It lasted through many many many polish changes, and I use 100% acetone for removal! It also didnt weaken through torsion when I filed the nail tip.

    I put a tiny bead of GG on one of the pointed tip cosmetics q-tips. After making sure the nail piece is aligned where it should be, I do a light swab of glue on the top and *also* underneath. After a few minutes I may add a second thin layer on the top.

    It takes foreeever to dry (translation: probably 20-30 minutes ;)), but you're good to just do normal stuff after it just gets tacky. If it dries a bit bumpy, you can file it down smooth.

    Right now my right pinkie has a GG fix. Without it, the nail would be beyond stumpy, with no free tip. With it, my tip is just past the fingertip. I've changed the polish 6 times now and there's no degradation.

  16. @Elizabeth Life and Polish - If you are feeling fancy and can get a light easily, give it a go.

    @Ivana - <3...<3...<3...<3...aaaawwww, can I finish school first?

    @Carolina - :D Yay!

    @Fingers - But when I file them down that takes away my super powers, :-/. Aww thanks lova!

    @Ulmiel - lol, damn walls. They sneak up on us don't they. Ugh, creeping up on me while I sleep ...

    @Lendoxia - Oh yea in those sad sad cases I have to do the same :(

    @Solveig - One day I will have the strength and will power to do this. I'm sure I will cry like a baby the entire time too, lol.

    @annie - Blarg, *gives your splits a beat down*

    @L - ;) Thank you!! <3

    @Arlyn - I need to go to Sally's sooo bad. And when I do, I will buy at least the base and top, and hopefully find a color I like.

    @AnnAnn - Yay! I can't wait till my light dies so I can get a new one. It's crazy how old it is. I am shocked it even turns on. I almost bought the Gelish structure, but got something cheaper in a pot. I ended up not liking it as much because it's so much easier to work with gel polish in a bottle.

    @Akuma Kanji - I used to use traditional gels often back in the day. My only dislike, you can't soak them off, you must file them off and there is more risk of nail damage. It works nonetheless, however. I don't have a problem with polish lasting on the gel polished nail. I don't remember how it was with regular gel. Maybe that makes a difference?

    @KJ Callaway - LOL, so true! I have had to crop out my cats in my NOTD pic's, they are just sitting in the background staring at me, lol.

    @Deborah - lol, thank you!! <3 Meow <--*kitty message sent*

    @Anna - yay! I definitely feel bad taking them down for no reason ... except that I can't function and they will break if I don't.

    @ABOP - <3 sure ;)

    @LindsayZ - Very interesting! I hesitate slightly only because the chemicals in Gorilla glue may not be safe for our skin or nails ... I am not sure how they compare (in terms of safety) to gel polish. But hey your nail is saved! :D Ya!

  17. Thanks for the video it really helped a lot. Btw cool heterochromia. Makes you even more unique. I hope you feel better and make it through whatever you're going through. I lost my mom last year and it'll never stop hurting, but it's simple distractions like nail polish that make the days pass easier.