Saturday, October 29, 2011

Doors, Drawers and Automobiles

Do you know what I hate?  Breaking nails.  Actually having the choice to take down nail length is a good feeling, otherwise cursing and wishing I could take back those 5 seconds takes over my whole being.

We can give all the moisturizing love we want to our nails, but if we don't modify simple everyday tasks, nail breaks will happen ... frequently.  Trust me, I am the master of breaking nails for no good reason.  Hopefully, this post will make you think twice about how you approach door handles, zippers, and countless other stupid tasks that have resulted in broken nails. And if you don't believe me ask any of these lovely ladies how they open a drawer ....
ANOTHER Bottle of Polish?!
Nail Bamboo
Nails Beautiqued
Manicure Addict
Acetone and Old Lacquer
Them Pretty Colors
My Simple Little Pleasures

Am I seriously telling you how to open a drawer ... YEP.

Let's consider the following situations in picture form:

Do you see this stupid red door?  I hate it.  It's red because it's evil like the devil.  Actually this is the door from this post.

This is the improper way of opening/closing the hinge.  As you may imagine, one slip and the thumb nail is a gonner.  This is exactly what happened in this previous post

Also look at this sexy polish here.
A better way to handle this situation is shown here.  Tuck in the thumb and use the side of your fingers to slide the hinge.

BUT! Then you still have to pull the door open or shut.  Don't use the hinge to do this either.  This should be done like so ....

Manipulate the door open/closed by grabbing a hold of it from the top of the stall. GENIUS!

I can't tell you how many times my hands have slipped with this drawer.  Instead of lightly gripping it like shown ...

... grip that baby firmly!  No slippage, guaranteed!

 Want to see more of this polish? Go here.

How about knobs?!

Not like this.

Like this!

Then there are those knobs with buttons for locks.  My thumb nails can't function around them.  I use my knuckle.

I'll probably have a bone growth there eventually ... better than a broken nail though.

Is there anything strange that you do to avoid breaking a nail?

P.S. The title of this post was inspired by the hilarious movie... Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  John Candy is AWESOME.


  1. My desk drawers are going to be the death of me & my fingernails. I make sure my fingers are securely in place before I pull.

  2. Opening soda cans:
    Solution: get whoever else is around to do it.
    Back-up solution: use a fork!

  3. When I read the title I immediately thought: nail break coming!
    I so hate when it happens to me. I blame my thoughtlessness, anyway I could add to your list: car door (similar to drawer if fingers slip), walls that start nearer than you expected, especially when making beds and reaching for light switch!
    BTW great post, I really enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Ha! This post is só helpful. ^^ I always use my knuckle for pushing buttons, great one!

  5. Yup, like Kayla said, opening pop cans, or dog/cat food....chili, you get the picture. I now use a spoon to open them.

  6. I use flatware on soda cans too. People look at me like I'm crazy when they see me doing this stuff, but you're right- it's better than a broken nail! My car door got one the other day though. sigh

  7. My fiance laughs at me because for up to a full hour after a manicure I unconsciously walk around the house with my hands splayed and have been known to tear up when our stupid jeep door attacks my thumb nails.

    (Seriously the jeep HATES me)


  8. Haha! This is awesome. And, honestly, super practical advice for manicure addicts. Breaking a nail is not only ruins the aesthetic pleasure of a good manicure ... it also hurts like hell.

  9. Hehehe, good post! I started opening cans with the end of the spoon, because otherwise I'd break a nail for sure. It's the mighty zipper that hates me. I always tear my nail on them, it's unbelievable. And I can't stop wearing pants, for Pete's sake! :S

  10. Hehe, what a great and funny post!
    Now, I have really short nails so they don't break that easily anymore :D

  11. I use a knife to crack open soda cans, my drawers have no hardware and I have broken nails many a time trying to pull it open from the top groove rather then using both hands on the top and bottom of the drawer to open it. My office at work has a code lock that if I'm not careful putting in the code, I have broken a nail there as well! It's amazing how conscious I have become in these and other mundane tasks to preserve my precious nails!!!!

  12. BEST. POST. EVER! And there are so many times I am looking at a drawer/knob/door and thinking: "Wait. This looks evil. Must protect nails.". I do wonder if you have any tips for sliding doors? Like one a wardrobe? Because mine is evil and eats my nails from time to time.

  13. And wear gloves! I wear leather gloves for all outdoor work and gardening.

    Oh and I poured some glycerin in my polish remover as per your instructions and wow, so much better! Thank you!


  14. I have more of a problem of bumping into a wall for being the klutz I am and forgetting that I am not a ghost anymore!

  15. I break a nail every month opening my CAR DOOR. UGG!! Those stupid pull fromunda handles ... >.<

  16. Yes, excellent advice! :D
    I've broken many nails on the toilet flush button, so now I don't flush anymore! Haha, no, just kidding, but I'm super careful when pushing that dreaded, nail-eating button! XD
    Also, car doors and jean zippers!

  17. Lol, great post! I break my nails on EVERYTHING so this will help me out and make me think twice about the way I've been opening.. objects.

    Now I just need to figure out how to open and close my car door without snapping of a nail tip or two..

  18. You're too much, Anna! LMAO what a great post. Hilarious but firmly based in reality - the hazards to our nails are infinite! I will take your advice to heart :)

  19. Great post! I wish I could say I'm always that careful with my nails... :)

  20. This is such a great post. My nails aren't too long, but you are right some everyday tasks do need modification!

  21. @Lisa - OMG, sometimes if it's their fault, I beat them back in anger.

    @Kayla Shevonne - LOL, totes! I use a spoon or a knife :D

    @maisenzasmalto - ugh car doors are the worst! I try to use my knuckle, it's so awkward though. LOL I have randomly slammed my hand into walls so many times! Thanks LOVE!! <3

    @AmyGrace - yay! *High fives* <--with really big open palms and carefully :D

    @Angie - yes me too girlfriend!!

    @rachlovespenguins - I hope you kicked that damn door!

    @KJ Callaway - LOL, I love the image you just gave me in my brain. I do this too. And then for the next 4 hours tell everyone I can't do anything because my nails are "wet" :P

    @AKB - totally, pain is no good, but aesthetically ugly, even worse! :P

    @Ulmiel - hahaha, but people would love it if you didn't wear pants!

    @Annie - this is a great solution! :D

    @Fingers - The irony ... your name is fingers, but you can't use them properly, lol :P

    @Deborah - Option 1. K to the N to the uckles. Option 2. If it tries to eat you, next time eat it back ... wait what? Stick to Option 1.

    @Anonymous - Gloves are a dear friend of mine as well! Yay, glycerin rocks! :D No, thank you!

    @Olivia - rofl, oh man you are the perfect costume for Halloween!!!

    @razberiswrl - I hate them, hate them hard. I started a hateyadoor club. You in?

    @Solveig - hahahahaha. Oh man I read that first thing in the morning ... started my day off right!

    @Rie (Nails and Noms) - The only way to fix this problem ... get a chauffeur. - lol, thanks! I keep it real :P

    @ABOP (laquerlove on MUA)- Your nails have their own armies and fight back drawers and doors, I just know it! :D

    @ManiCured! - Indeed, because breaking nails makes me sad and I like to be happy! :D

  22. Great post, that is how I usually break my nails. I will have to remember some of these. I actually have a piece of plastic I bought here that is meant to open soda cans and is it weird that I usually wear mechanixs gloves when I vacuum?

  23. haha I love you so hard for this post. :)

  24. ehi! thanks for the useful tips to save our nails!! :) :)

  25. @Tera - Thanks! Man someone is becoming a millionaire from us! haha gloves while you vacuum ... aha safety first ... I get it. :D

    @Pam - :D and I love you back! <3

    @Alice - I love OUR nails too much to break them! :)

  26. OMG thank you so much for this post. I have been doing things a bit differently to protect my nails for almost my entire life. (When I was very little my mom let me have long nails as long as I kept them tidy!) So I push buttons with the flat part of my finger (never the tip), I open drawers just like you showed, I use a pen to text... I don't feel like my nails impede my existence at all though. It's just a different way of doing things. I LOVE your tip about grasping the top of the door to open and shut it! Definitely implementing that immediately. :D Thank you so much! :D

  27. LOL

    I use a spoon to open soda cans, and cans of food. I also use my knuckles when opening small latches.

    When it comes to draws , mine are like yours Loodie,so I will now grip it rather than lightly grip, I've broken so many nails this way :(