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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chameleon Round 2

As I was saying in the lat post... Check your bottles.  Here is another great one by Scherer Chameleon...

Scherer Chameleon - Waltz

When it's good... it's good.

Nuff said.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check your bottles

I hate when I run across a great polish only to find batches of reject lots the next time I go to repurchase. Such was the case with Scherer Chameleon.

Scherer Chameleon - Blue Sky

I couldn't stop photographing this one because the duochrome is so pretty.

This picture is with top coat.

The topcoat does bring out the shimmer a bit. Otherwise it's very smooth and flat like pictured here.

And now for way too many pictures...

If you happen to find these, make sure to check that the duochrome is easily visible because I have seen reject lots.

Wearing these (yes there are more!) combined with the fact that I have not bought polish in forever (at least no serious hauling), I went a little crazy and bought the whole damn China Glaze New Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection for Fall 2012. The Swatchaholic is completely to blame.Warning: visiting her blog will cause your wallet to empty.

I played catch up with a few of the other collections...

Hunger Games
Holiday 2012



Friday, June 3, 2011

Disappointment makes for good frankening

This franken was inspired by my slight disappointment in Zoya's Ki. Well maybe disappointment is a strong word. Let's just say I had an expectation it didn't live up to.

Over 10 years ago I had this seriously delicious duochrome.  It was like Ki, but better.  The flashes were a deep dark green and a purple/brown/burgundy.  I don't even remember who made it.  It was either Naturistics or Sally Hansen.  I feel like Scrangie might have this old fart. *note to self, send her an email.

I didn't try to copy my memory of that polish, only see what I could do with Ki.

This is what I came up with.

I'm wearing underwear with this one.

L.A. Colors - Nuclear Energy

This is such a yummy purple jelly. I wore this alone for two weeks straight.  This is three coats in sunlight.

This is in natural light.

 Then a coat or two of the franken.

 I would say it looks like this most of the time straight on.  

BUT then as soon as you start maneuvering your hands we get some pretty color change and sparkle.

In the sun.
franken stuff

Again I suck at measuring anything to give you a true recipe, but here is what I used to make this franken

Scherer Chameleon - Blue Sky and Calypso
Zoya - Ki
Milani - 83 Neon Lites
Zoya - Yasmeen

Whatcha think?