Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mystery Solved!

I think ...

First, let me remind you of the mystery:

I really did not do justice to this polish in the last post because it was a quick and dirty swatch.

So, let me try again.

Dang mama, that is hot!
Just a touch of duochrome.
Yes, all those pictures ... necessary. 

I'm thinking it is OPI - Nutcracker Sweet. 

The duochrome comes out very easily.

How about a comparison?  I have a similar color, or so I thought.

Left: OPI - Nutcracker Sweet
Right: China Glaze - Here's Looking at Hue

Similar base color, but not really any duochrome in the China Glaze.

Unless you consider beige and beigier a  duochrome, O.o
I tried to make China Glaze - Here's Looking at Hue more duochrome like by layering it with Sally Hansen - Luminous Peral .... meh.


  1. Dammit, I want it now after seeing it a second time!

  2. Doesn't it want to make you say "Lookie,Lookie,Loookie" ?! ;-)

  3. Love the subtleness of the duochrome! Glad you figured out the polish mystery.

  4. Those paler colors look amazing on you girl! Awesome sexy nails!

  5. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but can I just say that your cuticles and nails in general just look.. well, amazing! Drool-worthy!

  6. HAHAHAH @ beige and beiger. XD These polishes are both very lovely!!! :D

  7. Glad you figured it out, it's a beautiful color and your nails looks amazing.

  8. Isn't it funny how we are all excited that you figured out what this polish name is? We are all in a cult brainwashed by a bunch of chemicals and pretty colors! Tell us more sen se!

  9. Beige and beiger...Not my fav duochrome :-P Nutcracker Sweet is really gorgeous and surface is so "brush strokes free" <3