Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collateral Damage

Since last Thursday I have been cooped up under ground in a secret facility playing with x-rays.  There was some major damage .... nail damage.

My job requires for me to travel to this one special place every month or so, and it never fails, I always come back lacking sleep and usually a nail. :(

This trip was no exception! So lets take a moment of silence, curse the crappy bathroom door and take a look at the damage:


This picture was taken about 2 weeks before the incident.  The only other recent picture I have is in profile, see below. 

In preparation for this trip and what it usually brings, I filed down some nail growth to the following result.  This is just days before the incident.


Ouch!  My ego is hurt more than the finger.  I wanted to document the actual break, but I was in panic mode and just wanted to fix it.  Normally, I would have fixed this break with a soak off gel, but clearly I am on travel and there was no time for that.

That post can be found here.

And a profile picture below.....

Double Ouch.
Time heals all wounds.  Unfortunately, I am scheduled to travel to this God forsaken place again in two more weeks.  Great, just in time for the nail to grow back some.  uuuuhhhhh!

I think my main problem, besides forcefully shoving my hands in doors, is a lack of flexibility in the nail plate.  I need to balance hardness with flexibility.  My plan is to not forget my cuticle oil for the next trip.


  1. Ow! This always happens to me. I need to really baby my nails and learn how to properly hydrate/strengthen and fix a broken one.

  2. You hit the nail right on the head, balance flexibility with hardness. I am going to do a series that talks about different types of hardeners and how they work, and which finally fixed my peeling and cracking on the side of my nail wall. Once I badly brake a nail (inevitable),I will show a how to fix tutorial too. Stay tuned for sure!

  3. :( This just happened to my pinky- except worse.

  4. Yikes, I hate that. Do you do anything special to fix it?