Saturday, December 25, 2010

CND - Romantique

After all that dark polish, I needed a break.  That Red Velvet (Color Club) was really making me feel Elvira like ...

Pardon the scandalousness, just look at the NAILS, lol.

I decided on Creative Nail Design's (CND) Romantique.

The picture on the left is in direct light, while the picture on the right is slightly out of direct light.


Base: forget it, I didn't waste my time with this light color and it's a good thing since I messed up the mani seconds after I took pictures, aaaaahhhh, oh well.
Color: CND Romantique x3
Top: Seche Vite

Here is a picture with flash.

Application was easy enough and I didn't have to do any clean up.

The wetness is just quick dry.

The polish was shiny enough, but with three coats and in a rush to get out the door, I put on Seche Vite. Uh, then like said, I messed it up.  How you ask? I decided to do my hair.  BAD MOVE.



  1. Вы не именяете любви к светлым лакам! Но я вижу,что бутылочка у Креатива еще старого дизайна, наверное, плохо сохнет?

  2. :) Actually, this is the one and only CND I own and the only reason I have it is because I wanted to check out this color before I shelled out money for the same color in Shellac. I probably wouldn't buy any more CND nail polish on sheer principle. When they repackaged their new line they not only decreased the amount of polish in the bottle, but also increased the price. Boooo, NO COOL! I can't say too much on wear, drying time or anything else since I have only worn it like 3 times.

  3. I have never tried CND. I dont love sheer or light colors Im more of a dark/red shimmer girl! That stinks that they increased the price. Check out my giveaway!

  4. I definitely agree I am the weirdo here, lol.

  5. Hey,
    I know this is an old post of yours, but I love the colour! Did you buy this in shellac? I've recently purchased 'clearly pink' from CND's shellac collection, hoping it would be similar to this but it turned out to be clear with a hint of pink (probably should have picked this up from the name!) Would be great if you could recommend a colour like this.. if you've tried them??
    Much love for you and your amazing blog!

    1. Thanks Becky!
      I did not. I bought the regular polish as a test for whether I wanted to buy the Shellac Romantique. I don't really wear Shellac polish (unless I have a nail break) so I figured, it wasn't worth the extra money.

      I own two Shellac colors, Negligee and Fedora. Neither are what you are looking for. Shellac Romantique may be a good choice, but I can't speak from experience.

    2. I am the owner of Shellac two colours: Romantique and Asphalt and I am sure that Romantique is the colour you are looking for :)