Wednesday, December 8, 2010

QVC HSN JTV this one's for you

Okay everyone, I'm going to tell you a secret. Don't laugh.

I watch QVC, HSN, and JTV on purpose and it's not for the shopping. Okay ready it gets worse? ....  The real reason is that I like to check out the host's nails. I am sure I am not alone, so if everyone would please raise their hand. Please someone, anyone.

One day my dad ousted me.
He was point blank, "I know why you watch that channel."
And I was like, "Oh okay, why"
He said, " you like to look at nails"

I felt like I got caught watching something dirty. I was ashamed for a good 2 minutes, then he left the room and I continued gawking. 

The best part these days is HD. Before it all looked good, now I get to see the good, the bad, and the "how the hell are you gonna let that slide on national TV."  It can be quite entertaining. Aside from nails, these gals can be so fake sometimes, shoving crappy products down your throat, the up-sell is HILARITY. I like how they LOVE and use every single item they sell, what do they live in a warehouse?

Look at this piece of crap ornament Adrien Arpel tried to sell for charity.
wtf.... actually the face kinda looks like GAGA, no?  Her make-overs in HD are 0,0  Must see, you will lol for sure.

Seriously though, it's my weird liking of QVC that I discovered one nail product that I still use intermittently to this day. I will include my description of that product in the Nail Hardeners series.


  1. I do this too. :) sometimes I see their horribly grown out acrylics and I just cringe.
    I LOVE the jewelry channel though. The hosts on there are TERRIBLE and never can talk their way through anything.

  2. LOL! I love this post. I didn't know Adrien was selling that ornament, ew! My shopping channels don't come in HD which is probably a good thing because their makeup scares me.

    I watch them for the makeup whereas you watch them for the nails. You aren't the only one watching not for shopping. ;-)

  3. Rachel - Bad acrylics are for sure the funniest, I barf a little sometimes. The JTV chicks are such bullsh!tters, I swear they make things up on the spot. Tanzanite mines will be closing, buy now!!!!

    Olivia - Can you imagine that ornament on your tree, it would scare Santa away :(