Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Color Club Red Velvet

I feel like another dark this week. China Glaze's Lubu Heels was on my mind.  Unfortunately, I was not happy with Lubu Heels several months ago since it needs like 3 coats (or 2 thick coats, which takes for ever to dry) to get opaque, so I added black pigment to it. Now the formula is all off and I have not really worn it since. I do however have Color Clubs Red Velvet which looks like a decent dupe.  So here it is.

Base: L.A. Colors base/top
Color: Color Club Red Velvet x3
Top: Seche Vite (x2, one each on different days)

In terms of application, it was really easy, but still took 3 thin coats. Eww, oh well.  Since application was so easy I did absolutely no clean up, so be nice if you notice anything.

It basically looks like a black, except for the awesome red glitter in it.  It's not as visible farther away, but up close its pretty sweet.

From what I remember Lubu Heels looked black most of the time without as much glitter, but then again its been like a year since I've worn it.  A comparison of the bottles......

I want to say Color Club has more red glitter, but I don't know since I f*up my bottle of China Glaze :/

I like Red Velvet in general, but it does annoy me.  In all fairness, glitter in general annoys me.  I find it hard to get past the longer removal time and I can't stand the texture.  I used several coats (on different days) of Seche Vite to smooth this baby out.

For this reason I avoid many glitters, my loss I know.

You see what looks like tip wear? Nope that's Seche Vite being stupid.  More on that in another post.

What glitter is worth putting up with for you?


  1. I have lubu heels sitting in my drawer. With dark polishes like that, if I try one coat and it's unrealistically sheer- I just sigh and put it away. It feels like too much effort haha. :)
    I LOVE glitters. I love the way they look. But the texture and the removal is EXHAUSTING.

  2. I love glitters!! But I agree that removing them is a pain, even using the foil method... But it's still worth it :D

  3. I like Lubu Heels, or I like black based red glitters :)) Red Velvet is stunning! Looks like they are total dupes with Lubu Heels.