Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mmmmm Mango

Revlon makes some nice squishy polishes and doesn't nearly get enough praise for it.  I'm a fan ...

Revlon - Make Mine Mango

This polish is an orange-y peach jelly that is nice and bright. This swatch is 3 coats and you can see visible nail line, but that's a-okay with me.

 In full sun.
 Indirect sun.
The formula is pretty sweet. Very smooth and not streaky at all.

Perhaps a 4th coat would have gotten rid of the VNL, but I don't care enough and like it as is.

The topcoat I have been using has been giving me some streaky-ness, do you see that?  I think its the brush and not the formula, but I'll have to decant in another bottle to see if it straightens itself out.


  1. love jellies! is this one of the new ones, or is it old? please don't say old. i was at the kmart time forgot a few days ago and I was holding a mango revlon, but I put it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is so gorgeous...I love the shade and it has the nerve to have a squishy finish?
    *in Kool-Aid Man voice* Oh Yeah!

  3. I'm not seeing the streaks from the topcoat in your photos--hope you can sort that out nonetheless.

    I've picked up quite a lot of Revlon lately but haven't seen this one.

  4. Great color, very summery! <3
    I see the scraches from the topcoat. I get same problem sometimes when the brush is too coarse.

  5. This is a rad color, I think it's in the same family as Essie Cute as a Button

  6. @jbrobeck - nah it's not that old. I saw this thing on clearance a while back though, so I got 3 and gave one to my Mama.

    @ChaosButterfly - LOL, oh man you took it way back :p

    @KarenD - thanks!

    @alluring_mum - I agree! The brush that was my thought.

    @GothamPolish - ooooh yea, I just googled it, maybe the red-headed step child :p

  7. mango??

    *confused* because i dont see any of those.

  8. @Danielle - tee hee

    @Silence is Loud - we hardest on our selves ...