Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sticks and Stones

Don't you hate it when you are self conscious about something and then some jerk face has to go and say something to make you feel like total poopy.  Case in point ...

So, I just filed my nails like two weeks ago to a length emotionally acceptable for me (lol).  Well, I was starting to feeling like they were getting a little long and was really questioning, should I or shouldn't I?  Ya know mentally preparing myself for the next take down.

I had just applied this deliciously yummy polish by Revlon (Bubble Gum) and decided I would let the mani live another day before I took them down, but put it on my to do list.

And then came the comment by jerk face ...

"Your nails kinda scare me"

I died a little inside.

Again, it probably would have just rolled off my back had I not already been thinking about it.

I went home and went to town.  I took them down to the meat.  I mean at least for some of them.

Ugh, the middle finger looks like such a fat hobbit.

Essie - Sexy Divide

No not sexy.  Thanks to my butch hands and currently square short nails I was feeling far from it.
Too short for my liking.  I mean maybe it was the dark polish accentuating the shortness, but I HATED MY NAILS for the next few days.

Alas, it's amazing what a couple days and a millimeter will do for the self esteem.

Yeay!  Back to an emotionally gratifying length. 

I rounded the corners a bit and slapped on Zoya - Caitlin.  She made me happy.

F U jerk face.


  1. Screw Jerk face. Your nails are lovely either way.

  2. F U for sure! Glad they're back to an emotionally tolerable length for you. You may not think so, but your nails are always beautiful & envy inducing!

  3. never mind people like that... I love your nails and have always envied your knowledge in this area..!! :)

  4. Both look great! And love the shape ;)

  5. Your nails are gorgeous! You shouldn't give a crap what others say about you.

  6. You do You! Don't allow some obscure little nobody impact your happiness. You enjoy your nails for you! I just filed mine back but by the average person’s definition, they are still too long. But I am happy with them and that is all that matters. Again, You do You!

  7. So, your nails are awesome, short OR long. Tell me, was jerk face a boy or girl? You know what i'm getting at here. Either way, you rock and that's all that counts!

  8. aww, some people are just dumb, don't let you bring them down. Let your nails be whatever length YOU feel happy with and don't care about what any one else says!

  9. F U Jerk Face, indeed.

    I'm so sorry someone was so rude to you. I think your nails in the Bubble Gum pictures look fantastic and that shade of pink is spectacular on you. (And is now on my lemming list.)

  10. Give him the finger from me. What a douche.

    How quickly do your nails grow??? O_o I'm in awe. I love your nails whatever length they are, do what makes you happy!

  11. Never mind that idiot! Your nails are absolutely gorgeous. Oh how I wish mine looked even remotely like yours!
    My bottle of Pro Strong arrived two days ago. So hoping it works.

  12. DAZZZAM girls! Now I know who to take to war with me. Way to rip jerk face a new one!

    OMG I love all of you. Made my f-ing day!

    P.S. Jerk face is actually a friend and he did apologize. Now he feels so bad HE needs coddling ... nice.

  13. Your nails are nice either way - you take care of them so well! I'm glad you got an apology :)

  14. Alas,there will always be people like that...

  15. screw that jerk face! I bet he's not even so supportive that he read this blog and figured out it was him and was like whoa, I didn't mean for it to go that far and that I was just mentioning it in passing. Nah, I'm sure he's totally nonsupportive.


  16. @GothamPolish - thanks! :) <3
    @ABOP! - indeed

    ATTENTION - Anonymous aka reformed jerk face aka friend has spoken ...

    @Anonymous - It's all good *hugs. A happy hour is in order :)

  17. Just wanted to let you know that you are my inspiration for better nail care. I stumbled across your blog by accident about a month ago and was so awe struck by how gorgeous your nails are that I commited to stop biting mine and moisturize like there is no tomorrow. The only 'scary' thing about your nails is how awesome they are. Thankyou :)

  18. @Delfi - Yay!!!!!! I am so happy for you :D
    yes yes yes moisturize like a mo' fo'. OMG I am so excited for you! aaahhhhhh, you should totally take before and after pic's! ... and thank you sooo much for the compliments <3

  19. hell, to me that's a compliment, esp. if a male said it :D

  20. i just wanted to say that your square shorties are super hot!! especially with that color on :)

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  22. That's what he meant to say, it just came out crappy right thedogismine? :P

    Thank you Courteney!