Monday, March 14, 2011


Several months back I was in my local Giant grocery store ... probably in to buy sour cream for TACO NIGHT!  As always I peruse the most important isles ... makeup department.  My eye caught a plastic stream holding several OPI's.  I was like "say WHAT!?"  OPI at Giant, that's ludicrous!  The color selection was all over the place, from old to new, weird.  I saw Shimmery-chic from OPI's Holiday Wishes collection, which has some flakie in it.  Unfortunately, I find it to be way UG and passed; had it been Merry Midnight I would have peed my pants and paid full price.

Then another day, another TACO NIGHT later, I again saw OPI this time at a different Giant.  Cool dude! So I'm checking the strip and when I finally get down to the bottom I find this:

OPI Absolutely Alice
I peed a little.  I peed not because I was looking for it or particularly wanted it, but because I know lots of people are looking for this color on MUA.  I thought yeay! maybe I can swap this for that Merry Midnight I want.  :D

There happen to be an SA in the aisle restocking shampoo.  I went over and asked whether there was another place that had OPI displayed.  She said, "that's not an item that we normally carry, it was sent by the shipper."  I don't know what the hell the second part meant, but she was clearly breathing heavily and slightly out of it, so I said, "thank you" and started walking back to the strip to see if I had missed anything.  As I was walking away she said, "did you see the Cover Girl display?!"  After my brain got done laughing really hard, I told her, "oh yes, thank you." 

So ladies check your local Giant grocery store for a possible WIN!

Maybe I am being selfish and a total nail polish hoarder, but now that I have had this thing for a couple of days I don't want to give it up.  Actually, I feel like this about all of my polishes even if they are very meh.  I can't imagine giving one up (even if it's meh) unless I have a backup.  We all change our minds and I don't want to have that story "I had that polish, but gave it up."


  1. Keep it. :) It's very lucky and awesome that you found it!

  2. First of all, love your blog, stumbled upon it a couple weeks back.

    Secondly, I would be willing yo do a swap/trade with your for Merry Midnight. I had been searching for it too and found it at a local beauty supply, if you'd like I'd be willing to pick it up for you in a trade for something else :)

    I already have Absolutely Alice though, email me if you'd like to discuss : enthuseme(at)hotmail(dot)com you can also checkout my wish list on my blog.

  3. "Even if it's meh" - that's TOTALLY me! I love it when sales people have no clue what you're talking about. Yay for random good finds!

  4. YAY, score! :D
    I found AA and MAAH randomly as well, and I still hung on to them even if I didn't lem them originally. I have not regretted the decision! :D

  5. yes keep it! its totaly gorge!!! and ive never seen another polish like absolutely alice. you never know, you might wake up one day completely head over heels for blue glitter


  6. @Rachel Marie - mos def I will! :)

    @razberiswrl - *slaps you twice and then hugs you
    lesson learned.

    @Danielle - we chatted already :)

    @Megan - I know right ... yeay!

    @solveig - oooo MAAH, have you heard the drama on MUA?!

    @LemonyEmily - bahahah ... your first argument was just too convincing :p