Friday, March 25, 2011

I do I do lilac it!

OPI - Do you lilac it?

I really like this lilac creme.  This picture is fairly true to color, otherwise the camera does it's manic thing. 

 Indirect sun - it looks lighter and more blue here.
 Fluorescent lamp - back to purple :-/

Depending on the color OPI has been a hit and miss with me.  However, this is a really nice applying cream that went on streak free by the second coat.

These pictures are from a few weeks back, but I like it so much I am wearing it again!

Base: CND Toughen Up
Color : OPI Do you lilac it? x2
Top: something random
This is in direct sun.



  1. I love these kind of colours, it looks very pretty on you!

  2. :) I don't think I've seen you wear something so soft and girly. I like it!

  3. I love these colors too and prefer them for Spring over bright pinks and what not. This looks really pretty on you!

  4. Very pretty! I have so many purples in my collection, but nothing quite like this.

  5. Very pretty and lovely nails too

  6. I love this color! Funny story - the day I bought this color, I was wearing my winter ski coat that is exactly the same color. I was *kinda* self conscious about it.

  7. Wait do I have a lilac or not, now I have to go searching for one!

  8. i really like this color :) i wish my nails kinda curved at the end like yours do *sigh*

  9. Beautiful! I just love cremes, they soothe me. :)

  10. they look really good on you!! they will probably look dark on me. =( but this is definitely gorgeous!

  11. Holy Comments!

    @AmyGrace - me too, thanks girlie!

    @RachelMarie - awww thanks :)

    @Nail Noir - thank you!

    @Varnish Vixen - totally agree. I put on a bright pink recently and was all concious about it being LOUD, lol.

    @Megan Harmeyer - purples are da bomb so no suprise there!

    @Danielle - Thanks! :D

    @Jaybird - yay! *high five

    @GothamPolish - lol, awkward

    @Olivia - No way?!

    @kelliegonzo - :D awww thanks *blush

    @Solveig - Indeed! *ohmmmmmm

    @Silence is Loud - I don't believe it, I think you could so rock it out! :D