Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boozing Breaks Nails

It seems more often than not Happy Hour ends in a ruined mani.  Here is an example:

Color Club - Magic Attraction

I love this glitter.  Yea I know, I can't believe those words are leaving my mouth, but it has some holo like glitter in there that is definitely worth the pain and extra (and I mean extra) topcoat.

How pretty!
I finally got it smooth after putting on topcoat once a day for 3 days straight.

So all is going well during happy hour, I even got a compliment on the mani :D yay!
On the train ride home however I'm starring off into to space, contimplating how I can swipe the fries from the toddler next to me without her mom noticing, when I glance down and see ....

Okay not too bad.  I was bummed, but it's doable till I got home.  However, this prompted me to look at the rest of my hands.
WTF.  Half my thumb was missing, LOL!

I totally just stuck my thumb in my palm.

Then when I finally get home this happened! LOL

The amusing part was, I found the other half on my carpet.  Oh man! bahahaha ... Thank god I was home.

Serendipitously , how ever the pointer finger incident happened, it caused a split that prompted the Nail Fix series (which can be found here.)

I have more stories like this, so stay tuned for the carnage. :D


  1. this is what my nails look like EVERY week.. My manis never stay.. sigh..

  2. This is what my nails look like after 5 facials.

  3. @Antoszewskia - I blame SV!

    @Rachel Marie - Dang, but on the bright side they are seriously moisturized right?!

  4. This is what my nails look like after 200 cases of rum, but I work at a distillery so it's not really the same is it?

  5. As soon as I read your title I thought: Yes. Yes, it does. LOL I think that's also a side effect of multiple coats of TC. Either way, it *was* pretty.

  6. Ahh love this. It looks so good on your nail length too.
    Sorry about the carnage though... :(

  7. Magic Attraction is such a pretty glitter! Grrr, SV - multiple layers make glitter so smooth yet so peel-able. At least it came *after* the boozing ;)

  8. Hahaha! I'm yet to have this problem with happy hour, but I do have this problem with glitter in general...it just flakes off my nails. Booo. :(

  9. I don't drink but you just gave me another reason not to, LOL!!! That color looks great on you.

  10. LOL nice finding it on the carpet. SCORE. This is a fabulous glitter!

  11. @jaybird - haha, only if you're taking a bit off the top of each one. Giiirrl, way back I saw you were from TN and swear to God the first thing that poped in my mind was moonshine! Smelling that stuff makes my polish pop off :p

    @Megan Harmeyer - totally agree with you on all counts!

    @ChaosButterfly - Aww, thanks. Ya know it's because of you that I even got it. I saw it on your blog and was mesmerized! <3

    @Andi - totally! >.<

    @nikole - Amen, sista!

    @Varnish Vixen - poo poo, on the bright side ... bring on the untrieds!

    @For Me, It Works - Seriously, reason four hundred sixty seven lol. Thanks!! :D

    @Gotham Polish - I even placed it back on to check the fit, LOL. I agree, I love it!

  12. thats sooooo glittery!!! I wouldnt mind chipping if the color is gorgeous, it just give me an excuse to paint my nails again. hahaha

  13. Nice mani - good thing you didn't polish right before happy hour!

  14. That is some pretty glitter! The chipped look is sooo Rock N Roll \m/

  15. @Silence is Loud - Totally!

    @ABOP - So true, would have been such a waste.

    @Olivia - hahaha :D

  16. You know, this is the worst thing ever. How embarassing, right? I mean you're working away, talking to people and then BAM, you notice that you're missing polish.

    I feel your pain my friend