Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two is better than one

Usually that phrase is reserved for brains, but in today's post I will show you it's also true for nail polish coats :p

First, let's all love on China Glaze - Grape Pop.  I really love China Glaze cremes.  Very rarely do I get disappointed.  OH and it's purple, heck yes!

I think most people will agree that more often than not two or more coats of polish are required to get full coverage of color.  Or perhaps the formula is streaky and requires a few extra coats to even it all out.  However, I find there is one other advantage of doing two coats.

First, please excuse the dry fingers in the pictures.  As part of my mani prep I use acetone to remove old polish and oils and only moisturize after the mani is done since a clean, oil free nail surface is required to make mani's last.

The finger on the left has one coat and the one on the right has two coats. I always think of the first coat as a rough draft and the second one a way to perfect the whole deal.  You can see I applied it like a monkey the first go around; it's quite uneven at the cuticle.  No biggie,  I then use the second coat as an opportunity to get even closer to the cuticle and get a really nice smile line at the cuticle.
Here is a picture of the whole hand with one coat.

Not too bad, but it could be better since I like to criticize myself.

This picture is with two coats. The coverage near the cuticle is much more even and now moisturized :D 

Moral of the story ... why do we do two coats even with opaque polishes ... because it's a habit AND because it looks prettier!


  1. Yeah, I'm a two coat person myself, generally. I don't like it when a polish requires more and it wasn't obvious from the bottle that it needed that.

    Oh please, your application was flawless in both :P I love that colour. It's such a deep, unabashed purple. I want an eyeshadow that colour to go with the polish when I buy it.

  2. Great color. It reminds me a lot of a new Zoya. Anyway...I generally do 2 coats as a rule of thumb. Your nails are looking great!

  3. So true! And Grape Pop is awesome.

  4. Hahaha! So true...sometimes even the reason I do three coats when the polish is more or less opaque in two!

  5. hmmm I didn't buy this one because...well just because....

    BTW tagged you for a handwriting tag

  6. Good point! Though I still loooove my one-coaters!

  7. and heavier too!!!! it seems like 1 coated is darker than 2 coated. or is it just the lighting?

  8. @Antoszewskia - Thanks!

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish - Thanks :) I totally love how deep it is too!

    @Megan Harmeyer - Thanks, good thing I didn't jump on any of them, lol.

    @AmyGracy - Indeed!

    @Varnish Vixen - habits are hard to break lol

    @Olivia - yay! you have no idea how happy you make me ;)

    @ABOP - This one could totally be one if you don't drink coffee before hand :p

    @Silence is Loud - lol, I think its the lighting