Thursday, April 28, 2011


I just have to say the nail blogging community is amazing.  There are sooooo many awesome people and everyday I am amazed by their kindness.  Thanks to their kindness and loud mouths (errr fingers?) lol, there has been a large influx of new followers, yay welcome!

I want to take a moment and give out some serious love.  I am sorry I am not monogamous so let the orgy begin :p lol

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the following gals.  Please take a moment to browse their blogs! :D

Vonnie from socialitedreams - Lots of interesting beauty info. Makeup, looks, nails and beauty products.  She entertains me :)

ForMeItWorks - What a sweet gem! And hello! some of the nicest long nails out there. LOVE THEM!

GothamPolish - A fairly new New York based blogger, whose blog is growing fast. Go visit and you'll see why.  The girl cracks me up.  She has fantastic tidbits about New York incorporated in her swatch posts.  You've never seen nail polish bottles behave quite like they do on her site :D

Jbrobeck from PolishInsomniac- A "pro nail blogger" lol with the nicest oval shaped nails this side of the Mississippi. Seriously, there aren't too many bloggers out there with a true oval and I LOVE hers! And since she's a pro you know you'll get the goodies you're looking for.

So THANK YOU girls for the recent awards and mentions.  I truly appreciate it. <3


  1. I didn't know you had Twitter? *follows*

    Congratulations! You deserve it, one of the most informative blogs (but you still bring the lulz) out there.

  2. omg its only been on the side bar this entire time hahaha, right back at you

    thanks girl!

  3. I love you, and you deserve every follower you get. i only hope they have a chance to read your older posts!

  4. Oh my gosh thanks for the kind words and awesome shout out!!! I love that your blog is growing and growing!!!

    PS KITTEHS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You have an influx of followers because you're awesome....xo

  6. OMG!!! you should post more pics of them too!! they are soo cute! your blog is awesome!

  7. @Jbrobeck - You make me feel so goooood!! :) I too hope the explore and find something useful.

    GothamPolish - you're totally awesome so you're sooo welcome :D

    @Christina - thank you pretty girl! i smooch you right back.

    @Silence is Loud and Biba - OH you like the Keet and the Coke ehy? tee hee, I will try to sneak them in on occasion exploit their "platonic" relationship. lol

  8. What else can I add that others haven't? You deserve it!! Awesome blog with awesome info, thank YOU for bringin' it!! :)

  9. i am one of those followers and glad to be :)
    shel xx

  10. @loodie3, awww! Thanks. That is so nice of you. Sadly, during a move this weekend, I broke 5 of my nails, so I decided to cut them all off and start over. So in my blog I will be tracking my growth progress. Although I love my long nails, I do enjoy the freedom of nubby-land. LOL!!! Thanks again.

  11. @beauty-obsessed - Awww thanks! I feel like we should chest bump, lol

    @Irishenchantment - woot!

    @For Me, It Works - aww thats okay stuff happens. Yay, for progress posts!