Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When in Canada ...

... do like the Canadians! And by that I mean playing with GOSH. I'm currently on travel for work, but I thought I would try to see if I could post this during my 2 hour lunch break.

I'm doing this from my phone so who knows how this is going to turn out. Because of that less text k? Just look at the crappy cell phone pic's. Actually they are amazingly decent considering.

I will have to do these again in more lighting situations, but for now enjoy!


  1. Beautiful! I keep thinking I should make a beauty run to Canada (I'm very close to the border) but then it always seems like too much trouble. If I have to get the passport out, I'd rather be going to Paris. :)
    Those photos look very good for a mobile phone, BTW.

  2. Out of the two, Gasoline is my favorite! I love it, no matter how many layers I need!

  3. welcome to Canada :) love gasoline, so jelly and sparkly :)

  4. Gasoline is gorgeous! Is it layered over purple heart?

  5. Ooh, very pretty and sparkly. I have to say, you have such an interesting shape to your nails, I really love how they seem to curve down at the tip!

  6. I LOVE Gasoline, Purple Heart is a pretty girl too though. I'm with Jackie, that's my favorite! I gotta say, pretty good cell phone pics!

  7. Ha, I'm from Canada and honestly, I've never heard anyone say "run to Canada for some shopping." I'm always running the states for my shopping needs....love the color though lady!


  8. Fun that you're in Canada!!! Welcome :) And holy crap those pics are awesome for a cell phone...and the color is fab. Nice haul!

  9. Sinead - I hear ya. Save it up for one big vacay where you can go somewhere really cool and splurge on the goodies ;)

    Jackie - awesome! And the nice thing is I already had on a sheer white so it took two coats to get this color, win!

    Danielle - yay thanks! Its so pretty :)

    Enamel Girl - Thanks! Actually I already had on a sheer white so it made for some great underwear.

    Alaina - awww thanks. I get a little conscious sometimes because of the curve (ehm hello wicked witch of the west, lol), but thank you :)

    Nicole - Thanks, I can't wait to try purple heart, but its definitely a bit dupey

    Nails by Desire - :) thanks!

    Christina - hahahah, the grass is always greener on the other side lol

    Olivia - darn, you should have come with me!

    Vijiis - cool cool, that awesome!! <3 I'll check it out!

    Beauty-Obsessed.com - Canada was great! Too bad I didn't find more though.