Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sinful Daddy's Girl

The way I see it, you can't go wrong with purple. 

Sinful Color's - Daddy's Girl

I love this one soooo much.  The sparkle it has is really unique ... and its a jelly.

I was surprised and glad it was lighter on the nail than the bottle color.

Since it's in a jelly base it tends to be on the sheer side.  See the difference between 2 and 3 coats.

What is a girl to do?!

You could go with 4-5 coats OR use some undies.

And since the next best thing to purple is a blurple ...

here is what I do sometimes:

One sloppy coat of China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway

 Then two of Sinful's - Daddy's Girl

I am sneaking this picture in because I love how juicy the polish looks :p

 Here is a comparison with blue underneath ...
and Sinful by itself.

A picture in the sun with only Sinful, probably 4 coats.

I want more Sinful Colors.  Do you have a favorite?


  1. I love Sinful Colors! My fave is San Francisco!

  2. I like "See You Soon", a black with teal shimmer. But I don't get their polish names... they're too much of a stretch I feel like they have a big raffle roller thing of names and they just pull from that.

  3. oooh I never thought to give it blue underwear! Love it thanks :)

  4. I like Sinful Colors I Love You, which is also a purple jelly with glitter, but it's more opaque.

  5. I love this!!! Totally getting it ASAP. Purples are my favorites and jellies are too. It's the perfect combo.

  6. your nails look like jello!! grape flavor jello!! YUM

  7. Oohh I want to gobble your nails off your fingers. Creepy? Maybe. But I don't care. *makes Hannibal Lecter slurpy sound*

    And I have a bunch of Sinfuls sitting here, but I just don't wear them. smh!

  8. I have a ton of Sinfuls, Let's Talk and San Francisco are probably my favorites. I have Nail Junkie and didn't use it for a long time because I'm slightly glitter-adverse, but I ended up loving it. Black on Black is my favorite black, excellent true black coverage for the money. IMO you'd have to go high-end to get better. Glass Pink is gorgeous for layering.

  9. I am totally a Sinful Junkie (btw I have Nail Junkie color to LOL) I've come across so many new Sinful colors I cant say I have one favorite. My latest ones are Hot Spot, Rise and Shine and Mercury Rising. Funny thing is I swatched Daddy's Girl for my next polish run hehehe

  10. That green bottle - Sally Hansen 'Strengthening' base? How did it work out for you? I don't feel like it does/did anything for my nails except make them shiny.

  11. love this colour, i must say its a lot prettier with the blue underneath

    shel xx

  12. Have this one but have yet to wear it. I really like the way you showed how this looks with 1, 2 and 3 coats... Anyway, I tagged you in the Kreativ Blogger award. Enjoy!

  13. I love this purple color on it's on but the blue just made it pop.

  14. Wowza ladies, thanks for all the comments!! I have lots to start searching ...

    @VijiiS - but its green?! :/ Okay fine,m i might just get it cause it's only $1.99 and see if it grows on me.

    @GothamPolish - after searching all the suggestions they definitely seem rando ... oh sinful

    @alluring_mum - me too!!

    @turtlechick12 - yea man, call me lazy and impatient lol

    @Madeline - ooo nice! checking that one out a sap

    @AKB - Totes agree with you there!

    @Silence is Loud - :D it has high fructose corn syrup in it, you know what they say about it right?! :p

    @ChaosButterfly - LOL, see above comment AND ... you can throw some over here lol

    @Shieldmaiden96 - oh dang Lets talk is freaking HOT. yay! thanks :D I gotta see Nail Junkie in person since I'm super picky with glitters too. ooo i like the glass pink.

    @jbrobeck - ikr!! :D

    @Chrissy - Oh man Mercury rising is seriously attractive. I can't wait to see your swatch :D

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish - haha Sally Hansen Triple Strong, I actually used to use it for years, went through at least 7 bottles and loved every minute of it BUT to answer your question, "did it do anything for me?" ... aside from adding protection and temporary thickness (I'm talking SV like after a few layers) no it didnt change my nail structure like other nail treatments. But i still love it.

    @Irishenchantment - isn't it gorgeous! Yay! me too :D

    @AllThingsNails! - Freaking sweeeeeet. I am seriously slow but can't wait to spill more personal information about myself lol :p

    @Toyomi - I love it too. I might try some nice berry colors too underneath, ya know play it by ear, see what kinda fabulous might happen :p

  15. Geez you have such good nail porn! Such a stress reliever for me! :p

  16. This is great! I actually have this shade (the only Sinful color I own) but gave up on it because of the sheerness. Stunned as I am, I never really thought of putting a coat of a different polish underneath *duh* Fantastic! And you do the polish some serious justice, it looks awesome.

  17. Wowzah....that looks awesome! Like a nice juicy grape popsicle...yum! Brilliant move by the way, layering it over a darker base. It probably wouldn't have occurred to me until it was too late to do that (blonde moment!). Nails look fab, as always! Wish we had Sinful colours here in Montreal; it seems like we're missing quite a few brands here....hmmmm...

  18. Why thank ya! Yes, but you also have some other easily accessible brands like Inglot!! :)

  19. this color was actually one of my first sinful polishs i bought (the other was San Francisco), i love the color but hated that it took like 4 coats to make the color look right. recently found a Sally Hansen Xtreme wear color that was almost exactly the same, was hoping color would go on with less coats, goes on about the same either way color is so beautiful its worth it.

    havent tried a dark base under it yet will have to soon

  20. Oh yea I think you're talking about Purple Pizzazz. I have that one too, they're close (both awesome!). Yea sometimes there is no time for 4 coats and I also like how the undies change the top color a bit.

  21. yea thats the one, when i saw posted the comment didnt remember the name and was too lazy to go digging through my polishes