Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sob Stories from a FOB

Finally a post to thank a whole bunch of lovely ladies for gifting me with some blog awards/tags and another opportunity for me to reveal some deep dark juicy secrets about myself.  It seems most of the things I've come up with have to do with my childhood and carries over into my adult life.  I hope that you will laugh and cry with me, lol

First some thank you's to the following lovely ladies ... <3

Minty at Haute Lacquer - Thank you for the Stylish Blogger Award
Eugenia from ommorphia beauty bar - Thank you for the Stylish Blogger Award and Kreativ Blogger Award
Allthingsnails - Thank you for the Kreativ Blogger Award
For Me, It Works ... - Thank you for the Stylish Blogger Award
Christina from Red Lip Gloss - Thank you for the Kreativ Blogger Award

If there was anyone else I forgot please forgive me. Let me know and I will make it right.

All of these ladies have fantastic blogs that I love to read so check them out at your leisure :D

Now on to my secrets ...  I'm sorry if I bore you ... lots of words ahead lol

1. When I was a kid I desperately wanted braces.  Maybe because it was cool because every body and their mom had them or because I had some serious gappy horse teeth about which my sister constantly reminded me.  So how does a poor FOB get braces?! I used to unroll paper clips and stick them in my mouth and pretend I had a retainer LOL.  OMG can we say chocking hazard.

pic found here

2. When we first came to America my sister and I discovered chips.  Life as we know it has never been the same since. We used to go shopping with my mom and both beg for a bag of our own.  On the car ride home we would demolish the entire bag.  Thank God our metabolisms were slightly higher back in the day.

 pic found here

3. Growing up all of my clothes came from the Salvation Army or Goodwill. No big deal right? Except the only available choices were bright yellow pants and a pink ruffled shirts.  But hey you do what you have to ... 

Holy crap I actually found this picture searching "Goodwill ugly clothes" after I wrote my post, amazing how my description fits just perfectly LOL

4. Christmas was never about presents for my family because we were po' but damn it the kids at school always made Christmas so damn depressing.  All the kids in school would come back from break asking about what everyone got.  All I had was a paper clip in my mouth lol, but to fit in I used to try to make new outfits out of the clothes I already had.  I don't know how you can change the yellow pants or pink ruffles so yea, I don't think anyone was fooled. 

pic found here

5. Growing up, I seriously wanted a tennis skirt (ya know the one with the pleats) sooooo bad.  But guess what, it wasn't available at the Salvation Army.  I love field hockey and Lacrosse for the outfits alone :D.  I finally got my wish when I started playing lacrosse in college!! :D

 pic found here

6. The family joke is ... I was found in a trash can.  Since I can remember, my lovely father has come up with this clever anecdote and my sister likes to encourage him.  Apparently I didn't look like anyone when I was born, nice guys ... real nice.  I did of course pop out of my moms womb, so she always had my back.

 pic found here

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7. Granted most Russians pop out of the vagina doing back flips I actually taught myself.  I was watching Ahmad Rashad on NBA InsideStuff and they showed a seriously ginormous man doing a back flip.  I was like 'What the HELL?!'. I had been trying to syke myself up for some time to do it and this was all I needed to get me over the edge.  I ran to my parents bedroom, jumped on the bed, and did it. Broke the fan in the mean time LOL but hey I did it!!

8. I want to live in a castle when I grow up.  Seriously, Harry Potter style.

 pic found here

9. Magic is real. Growing up my mom read me fairy tales for hours until her voice was gone and I finally passed out.  What can I say, I'm a dreamer.

 pic found here

10. You may already know I am a scientist from my profile blurb, but what exactly do I do?  My dissertation work involves shooting x-rays at alternative energy systems like fuel cells and batteries.  I'm talking about the same type of x-rays that you get at the dentist except in my case I need really high energy x-rays because I need to excite core level electrons in precious metals (platinum, cobalt, tantalum etc).  These types of x-rays require the use of a synchrotron.  pic found here

These things are miles long and the most famous one is located at CERN. Anywho, a whole bunch of quantum mechanical principles later, I tell you how this stuff works at the atomic level.  zzzzzzz .....Okay please wake up now lol.

This is a fuel cell

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Feel free to do the tag or not, doesn't matter to me as long as your nails look pretty :D love you ladies!


  1. This was a rather amusing and enlightening read :P Good tag! The braces story was great. But you don't want them, they hurrrrrrt. I'm getting mine tightened on Tuesday, not pleased.

  2. I guess we're lucky in this country that if you need them done, you get them free.

  3. Wow, what an interesting career path. Also, LOL at the 'found in a trash can' thing. =]

  4. Oh girl, you have me laughing hysterically!!! Your other career (other than NP) should be comedy. I absolutely ♥ your since of humor. I got sad around the trash can part but you had me rolling again at InsideStuff. Girl, you are hilarious. ♥ IT!!!!

  5. I was found in a trash can too! Behind a zoo even.. I think I actually believed them at one point :P haha..

    Great tag :) And interesting career (seriously!)

  6. haha all of your stories were really funny to read, but i LOVE the backflip story! your career also seems really cool!

  7. @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish - damn we went to the wrong country!! I figured they hurt, but damn it I just wanted to fit in lol. Good luck with them. At least your chompers will be b.e.a.utiful!

    @VijiiS - Thanks, I love what I do!

    @AllThingNails - LOL, I'm glad I'm the the only one giggling at myself <3

    @Swaafie - LOL, NO WAY! hahahaha. maybe we're secretly related. Dude, I totally believed it and cried my eyes out about it for quite a few years.

    @heartNAT - hahaha thanks, my dad was not impressed with the fan.

  8. I want to live in a castle too!!! Can you spare a room in yours? lol! And good thing you only broke the fan with your Olympic style backflip (my mom would have broken my head had I tried!) Well Oscar, that was not only wonderfully informative but you had me howling with laughter at times too....if ever you want to change careers, do us all a favour and look into comedy, will ya?! Sending you tons of love! PS: thanks for the shout out! xox

  9. YES! You can have any room you want <3 I'll even give you your own 'polishing room'!!

    It wasn't the last time either. I'm pretty sure I broke several light bulbs too LOL

    You're too kind, love ya right back! :D xx

  10. I feel you on the Christmas thing. It's just embarrassing and sad when you don't have anything to say the next day at school.

  11. Girl, I lol'd reading this. Who wants braces though, no thank you. You wouldn't have been able to each those chips let me tell you. THE PAIN!!! My dad used to tell my brother he was found in the woods ha. OK I'm off to Google good will ugly clothes.

  12. You are absolutely hilarious!!! Can I just say that I had braces growing up and they were not all. In fact everything you ate always wound up stuck in them and flossing was a nightmare. Oh, my family and I are always bugging my sister that she is the daughter of Mike Holmes. (the builder/contractor guy who has his own show called Holmes on Homes). They look identical


  13. About 10... It's awesome that there's another science nerd into painting her nails! I just graduated with a degree in biology, but I was lucky enough to get into a summer research program at CESR at Cornell last summer, although I wasn't able to get all of it into my head over the summer because I'm in biology. :)

  14. Oh mi gawd I am so far behind! I got your message that you gave this to me, thank you so much! I will do my best! I love reading about your scientist job. I thought I was going to be a scientist, turns out I suck at Chemistry, didn't get much further from that!

  15. @Minty - ikr, but hey it makes us who we are ... which is just plain awesome lol.

    @GothamPolish - LOL, good point, thank god I didn't try to eat the chips with my "retainer". Your brother is like mowgali step brother.

    @Christina - haha, I am started tor realize braces were definitely not that cool. Oh man I wonder if Mike Holmes was ever a mail man before he did Holmes and Holmes LOL.

    @Sarah - Hell yea! *high five, NO lets make it *high ten, that's more nerdier. oooo bio, not my forte, actually my brain cells start dieing at the mention of words like 'mitochondria' and 'cell'. Wow that's a pretty sweet internship!! Yay!!

    @jbrobeck - no prob. man. Like I said no pressure, either way is fine with me :D You may suck at chemistry, but you still love chemicals via your nail polish addiction so it all works out in the end hahaha :)

  16. Just found your blog! I love it... cracking up reading this :D

  17. You're hilarious! I love this post!

  18. This was really funny and heartwarming. Also, I think it is SOOOO COOOOL that you're a scientist who work with fuel cells and exciting electrons!!!! Count me as a fellow geek.

  19. OH MY GOSH. #6!!! My entire family told me I was adopted as a joke until I found my birth certificate when I was around 10! I didn't understand sarcasm or jokes when I was little. =( *cries* haha

    Also, congrats on your dissertation! You amaze me!! That is seriously cool!