Friday, May 13, 2011

I had a fight with a razor

Sometimes I just love wearing nail polish.  It's like a cup for your crotch nails ... a nice layer of protection.  Please let me demonstrate.

Have you ever gotten out of the shower only to discover that sometime between shaving your legs and washing your goodies that you have cuts all over your fingers.  LIKE WTF. 

Exhibit A : Pre-shower

oooo yay! pretty and smelly :D

Revlon - Cotton Candy

You can see more of this pretty baby here.

Exhibit B: Post-shower

Observe the pointer.  Damn! I hate when this happens because there is nothing worse than taking off a slice of nail mid way down.  

However, tragedy was averted.  When I took off the polish the nail was completely intact. 

Reason # 3,348 why I love <3 nail polish :D


  1. Yeah I've seen this before, it's when you're shaving your legs innocently and suddenly the razor takes over your brain and inflicts three, perfectly sized cuts on your fingernails before you regain consciousness and carry on like nothing happened. lol.
    The closest I had was today, I was filling in flashcards with a permanent marker, and somehow a couple of marker lines ended up on my thumb? It was a cool red/black contrast, but still. :(

    Pretty colour!

  2. "washing your goodies" LOL! That made me laugh so hard!

    But you were so lucky to have made no harm to your nails.

  3. I'm with Minty! I had to read the post twice cause i got lost when i got to "washing your goodies" heh made me go wait is she talking about what i think she's talking about, hahah thanks for the laugh, i needed it!

  4. Aaahhh boo razors attacking your nails!

  5. LOL! I'm with Minty there! :)
    I also prefer to wax, I'm not good with razors!

  6. OMG yes! i have not broken a nail in FOREVER... then one day I took my polish off in the morning and didn't have time to reapply. by that night i broke two nails on my right hand! NOT FAIR!

  7. Hello, I´ve just found your blog this weekend and I´m very happy with it. You are really good. I like nailpolishes blogs, but I had been missing information about care. My nails have been suffering from peeling for a long time. So I read through your blog and I am going to apply your advice. Hope my nails will get better. Thanks so much for your blog:-)

  8. I always have this problem, and it really does protect your nails by wearing varnish, so i love this post :)

  9. @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish - LOL, omg you are subconsciously creative. You make nail art in random life situations, lol *high five

    @Minty, Manicure Addict, Rachael Marie and Beauty Addict- LOL, I was lucky this time! I had a waxing convo on twitter if you want a giggle continue reading ...

    @xloodiex I have one word for you: wax. ;)

    @studiosinead bahahah, I tried that once .. on myself ... I am traumatized lol. Holy crap ouch, maybe it's better when someone else does it

    @xloodiex Definitely not a DIY project, IMO. :)

    @studiosinead lol I learned the hard way. Def. a two person job. One person needs to pull, while the other (me) holds on for dear life LOL

    @xloodiex Haha! My theory: 3ppl. Me, the esthetician + one person to give me the xanax and drive me home when it's over. :)

    .... oh man good stuff ... anywho lol

    @GothamPolish - bastards!

    @jbrobeck - aint that a bitch. it always goes like that too!

    @olivia - hai!! welcome!! :D You know that's exactly why I started my blog ... I never came across a blog with a large variety of this type of info all in one place (only bits and pieces). yay! Have fun exploring :D Let me know if there is something you would like to see.

    @Sarah - I know right. Polish to the rescue!! :p

  10. Oh yeah...been in this position way more time than I care to count...and not always fortunate enough to save the nail (grrrr). Or how about when you're shaving your pits and on either an upward or downward stroke, you lop off a chunk of your nail? How about that beauty? I've been luck lately (knock on a whole forest of wood) either that or I'm finally being! Thanks for the read :) !!

  11. Bahahahaha, and thanks for the laugh!

    'knock on a whole forest of wood' ... I'm so stealing that phrase.