Friday, May 13, 2011

X-files VEEEEDIO :)

Blogger broke and erased this post, so here it is again.

The proper version (written with lots of pictures) of this post can be found here, however here is a YouTube video if you're into that sorta thing.  I have to admit the written version is more useful, but hey what eve's ...


  1. Very interesting and informative video. I'm a metal file girl generally, though, and they've been working well for me. I had no idea about grit strength, though. (I obviously knew some files were more abrasive than others, but I didn't know there was an actual number). Looking forward to seeing more videos in this series!

  2. Hi Anna. I didn't like glass files either until I found the glass Essie files. I agree they take forever to take down length, but I only use them to shape.

    I have a silly question about the washable files. Do you just run them under water? I always wondered about these.

  3. Yay, thanks for another super interesting and informative series! I've never been able to remember the deal with grit strength, but I'll try to remember it now. ;)
    I love my glass file, though, but my nails never get long or hard enough that I have to take off a lot of lenght anyway. :)
    Looking forward to the next video!
    (P.S. Your nails look awesome! :D)

  4. @Vijaya - Exactly. Depending on your natural nail health and condition and filing techniques you should be fine with metal. In reality, my only concern is that these guys are too rough for the general public. Since I think grit strength is really important metal and glass files can be limited in this capacity, but there is no reason to try to fix what is not broken.

    @Enamel Girl - Yes, I definitely see how they are good for shaping. I have to admit I am really not good at washing them since I am the only one that uses them and have like hundreds around my house. BUT when they do get all gunked up I rinse them in soapy water and blot them dry with a towel. If I am real lazy I take a cotton pad soaked in acetone and blot the nail shaving off of them.

    @Solveig - yay :) thanks! no you're nails look awesome lol!

  5. As always great information! For the most part I agree. As my nails are strong and healthy, when I am taking down length, I use 100 grit to get the job down quickly; then finish off with the higher grit files and my Essie Glass File. As for your buffing blocks, they look just like mine...time for new ones...LOL!!!

  6. Damn, I thought it was going to be some porn video!

    Very informative, I use those tropical shine files. I feel special now since I use something you use! :p

  7. Thanks lady! This post was really helpful for me. I had no idea about most of the things you were talking about so happy to have learned it!


  8. I really enjoyed this. That was so informative. I need the 400 grit for my soft,peeling nails. Now off to search your blog for nail hardeners. Thanks alot!

  9. Yay! I have the pink Tropical Shine file. I second Olivia's thoughts - I feel like I'm doing something right since you use this too :) Loved the post, it's nice to put a face to the nails lol

  10. OY I always get the numbers mixed up hehe... are you an X-Files fan???

  11. @Olivia - yea! nail PORN 0.o lol ... yay those file are the best.

    @Christina - good :)Check out the linked X-files post it has way more info then what I blabber about.

    @Thalie - oh yea definitely stick to 400/600. You could give a glass nail file a shot too. It's all about personal preference :D

    @beauty-obsessed - :D thanks!

    @GothamPolish - lol. even I stammer. I LOVED X-files as a kid!!!!!! omg that was like my thing to do on friday nights lol ... hello dorkus porkus!