Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sorta holo blue franken

I hesitate to post my frankens because I make them so haphazardly. As such, I hope to give you only a very loose guideline for inspiration purposes only, so don't hold your breath for exact measurements.

Darn, I'm sad this picture came out blurry (so I made it small :p), but I still like how its half with sun beam half without :)

This is not color accurate, it looks more like the picture above. 

I say this franken is only sorta holo-y because obviously the effect is weak. Sun is required to make it look super special ...

... otherwise it just looks blue, I mean a really cool blue, but still just blue.

Here is a picture with flash. :)

And now for inspiration purposes only:

1. Sally Girl- Mean Streak #812152. (Thanks to For Me, It Works for the name!) There are plenty of dupes though, including -
a. Essie Midnight Cami
b. Sally Hansen - Navy Baby  (Salon)
c. Sally Hansen - Blazing Blue (Insta Dri) - this has some green micro stuff though

2. Color Club - Worth the Risque

3. Clear

Have fun!


  1. Thanks Rachel Marie! I know you love you some holo's! :D Too bad it wasn't more holo, but hey its still blue :)

  2. now you can have your own franken line!!! and first sell this to meeeeee!!! >.<

  3. @Silence is Loud - hahaha that would be some franken line ... everyone gets a one of a kind thanks to my haphazard way of making it, oh wait maybe that is why OPI has problems with MPJ O_o LOL

    @Diana - Oh Thank you! :D

  4. Haha, this is how I make my frankens, just throw things together until it looks good (or not!).
    Love your franken. :)

  5. Pretty, kinda reminds me of the China Glaze High Def I'm wearing right now. BTW, I have that same Sally Girl (#812152); it's called Mean Streak. That was my very first try at wearing blue and I haven't looked back since. LOL!

  6. Very pretty. I'd buy it!

  7. @Solveig - Thank you!! Yes totally and the fails I put to the side until I can figure out how to spice them up.

    @For Me, It Works - cool, oooh I'm so glad there is a name, thanks so much I'm going to add that to the post! I agree Blue = Awesome

    @Sinead - Awwww, that is just pure sweetness <3

  8. That is sooo pretty! I love anything holo! I am oohing and aaahing as I type this comment!

  9. @Danielle - Thank you!!

    @Olivia - I know right!? Holo is like Haaaaahallelujaaaaahhhhh!

    @Nicole - Top to Toe - Thanks girl! *smooches

    @ABOP - yay! thanks! :)

  10. This is good stuff! Blazing Blue would probably work well too but it'd also probably need polish thinner.