Saturday, April 9, 2011

I smell

you smell, we all smell together.  What shall we do??  How about we all shower together?!  That's very scandalous, so instead how about we paint our nails?!

China Glaze - Shower Together

2 coats

K, so first lets talk about how awesome this color is.  This teal blue green beauty is just pure love.  I can't get enough.  I am not a big big fan of green, but you add a splash of blue and that makes me a happy girl.

How about a picture with less greasy fingers, lol. 

It has a tendency to look a bit blue with direct flash.  Still gorgeous though.

This picture is in natural (indirect) sun.  You can see it's back to being blue green.

As with most China Glaze cremes, they really come through on the formula.  Application was so easy with this smooth formula.

I look forward to wearing this one again soon.


  1. Looks stunning on you! And of course I just love the creme finish... :)

  2. Not a fan of greens? What's wrong with you?! Hmph. Though I do love that polish and agree that ChG does creme polish well.

  3. I'm not a fan of green either but when some blue is involved I'm in love, this one is gorgeous :)

  4. I also can't understand you're not a fan of green, lol. What a fabulous colour, your nails looks SO yummy!

  5. Ew. go shower.. I can smell you from here. Haha Just kidding! But I love this!

  6. I really like this color =). This one might get on my WL soon =)

  7. I do love my greens, but teal is lush too. You have to try out Totally Teal from No7, it's the business.

  8. i love the title of your posts because some of them are very misleading including this one *wink* i dont have anything like this but would love to try it out. very pretty!

  9. I absolutely love this color on you! So nice


  10. @Solveig - thanks! I know I want to hug it :D

    @KrisInPhilly - I know, curse me lol. I can hang I just don't over indulge.

    @Lendoxia - apparently we are a rare breed.

    @AmyGrace - dah thanks! For some reason I feel like green washes me out. Maybe I haven't found the right one ;)

    @Antoszewskia - lol, only if you come with me :p

    @colorfulbottle - its awesome, you'll love it. Great color and formula = win win!

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish - I know of one place to find that brand. I will check it out next time I go to that store. From here on out I'm going to use the term "it's the business" all the time cause I love it :D

    @mrsrexy - at first glance i thought your name was mr. sexy lol, thanks!

    @Beauty Addict - Me too!

    @Silence is Loud - I know right! haha, I love to sucker people in. YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED lol

    @Christian - Thank you miss thang! :)

  11. This was the very first China Glaze polish I bought!