Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm gonna live through my nails for a second

Dang, I seriously want need a vacation.  If nothing else at least polish can put me in that frame of mind for awhile.

Revlon - Tropical Temptation

Ahhh yes there it is.  Perfect color and a perfect name for my current needs.

It reminds me of Revlon - Make Mine Mango, except that I like it better.

This one is more peach pink, where as Make Mine Mango was more orange.  I would say the Tropical Temptation formula is somewhere in between a jelly and a cream.

This is in natural light on SHORT NAILS, lol thanks to THE FIASCO.

Oh and the long nail picture if you prefer :D

Base: Orly Ridge Filler x2
Color: Revlon Tropical Temptation x2
Top: Seche Vite


Kinda juicy in fluorescent light hu?

I hear a lot of complaints about Revlon formula, but I freaking love everything about it. 
I agree the formula can be on the sheer side (depending on the color).  Normally though I opt for either:

a.) 2 thick coats OR

b.) 2 thin coats with either
   ~undies OR
   ~2 coats of ridge filler
       (which is usually kinda whitish.)

Is there a polish that puts your brain on vacay?


  1. i never paid attention to revlon polishes until i started reading your blog. i figured if you like them then they have to be good, right? now i own 32.

  2. it looks so pretty and juicy, i want to be on a beach with a pina colada, extra rum. yes lawd


  3. ugh your nails need to be mine, mmkay???

  4. This color screams summer ! (: *go & buys color* I need this color sooo bad .

  5. Another excellent choice my friend. Grace and Peace.

  6. That color is just amazing and your nails are HOT!

  7. I absolutely adore corals, and this one is perfect! Looks amazing on you! And I love the shape of your nails

  8. OMG, this looks awesome on you! But then everything does. ;)
    I'm wearing an orange polish today, also trying to summon something summery through my nails! (It doesn't work, it's still cold and cloudy, but at least my nails are awesome!)

  9. I have some problems with Revlon's formula, but not too many - certainly not enough to make me stay away from them! This is such a pretty peachy pink, it's perfect and summery!

  10. You make Revlon polishes look so effortless! I just don't have the same success...but it makes me want to try again! Love the color, it screams summer-fabulous :)

  11. this! and your "Short" nails still look fab. <3

  12. your nails (yes, even the shorter ones) are perfect and you can magically make Revlon polishes look so dreamy, probably while splitting an atom with one hand tied behind your have now officially converted me to wanting, no NEEDING to try those 2 Revlons in my stash that have just been sitting there! Love this colour, girlfriend!!! I want to eat it with a spoon; looks like gelato perfection!

  13. It's a beautiful color! I love it :)

  14. @jbrobeck - girl you so craayzy ... I think I wanna have yo baby :P

    @socialitedreams - haha ikr

    @kelliegonzo - I know someone that knows someone that can make it happen. I hope you don't mind dirty blades.

    @Toyomi - Just make sure you wait for a sale AND use a coupon, then they are basically free :D

    @For Me, It Works - Thank you ma'am!

    @Hannah J - me too-sies

    @Minty - tee hee why thank you to both!!

    @Une Ruxi à Paris - ahaha, I am so slow that I didn't even once use that word (coral) in the post LOL wow I suck. Good thing the polish is nice to look at :P

    @Solveig - :* I know I know I saw! Me likey orange on you!!

    @Nicole - Oh thank goodness!!

    @Carrie - *squirts the juice in your eye* lol - If at first you don't succeed, try try again. And since they are so cheap your wallet wont cry, even though you may in frustration. :P

    @Maribeth - Thanks girl! - LOL, oh yea! Girl you haven't tried them yet. DOOOO EEET, and then take pic's. Although, I'm pretty sure if you eat it I might have to induce vomiting on you. I hope you don't mind my fingers down your gullet. At least they're well polished. I'll use the short guys so I don't hit your jugular. Bahahaha

    @Annie - Thank you!!

  15. my Mango looks nothing like this. simply gorgeous!!!

  16. LOL that's because this was Tropical Temptation. Although, funny thing about Make Mine Mango. I bought 3 bottles and 1 was definitely an outlier.

  17. I know I already commented on this post but I just wanted to tell you I nominated you for some awards:)

  18. your nail shape is sooo pretty <3

  19. Thanks Hannah. I will check check a check it out :)

    Thanks Sarah! <3 I love yours too.