Thursday, June 23, 2011

Me yapping about DermaNail again ... this time on YouTube

The blog review of Dermanail here.
EDIT: They asked me to appeared in one of their promotions here! :D

OMG and guess what?!?! I noticed a peel on my thumb yesterday, so last night I made a video on how to get rid of it!!! Yay! FINALLY! Okay so still I am slow and have to find time to edit it etc, but now you have something to look forward to! :D

Buffing out a Peel post with video!

YouTube Channel:


  1. I'm gonna bookmark this vid for when I can more realistically watch it. =D

  2. I need to try this stuff...I've never heard of it, but it sounds like exactly what I need! PS you are too cute....nice to see you "in action" ;-)

  3. Hmmm I am kinda hesitant because of the AHA, I had my nails peel so badly from just using an AHA cream on my face and it went to the nails. And that long term commitment, but of course all treatments are long term. I am swaying on this product. I figure if I run into it somehow, it is mean to be.

    By the way, stop touching your gorgeous hair! :p

  4. @VijiiS - :D yay! Thanks!

    @Maribeth - It's obvious I loooove this stuff. If you try it I hope it works for you.

    Awww, thank you!! teee heee :P
    I feel so silly doing videos. Editing is the worst, I gotta watch myself over and over, egh

    @Olivia - yea man, could be a specific AHA allergy OR some other ingredient in that cream. Be careful, no one likes anaphylactic shock.

    ooooo, you like my hair?!
    *giggles uncontrollably
    omg omg omg, thank you :)

  5. Hi there, I have two nails that are peeling but wanted to ask if you can use this over your nail polish? I don't think I can go without polish on my nails! Your blog is great, I usually check in every couple of days :O)

  6. You certainly can! Hell in the last 18 years I probably have gone without polish for more than 8 hours maybe a MAX of only 5 times, so yea definitely.

    Thanks Kathryn!! :D

  7. Girlfriend, you were made for video! You're gorgeous!! And yes, your hair is!! Would absolutely love to see more...excellent info, by the way (now that I got the fawning out of the way...lolololol) Hugs!

  8. GUUUURRRLLL my head is blowing up as we speak LOL What address should I send the lump sum?

    *bear hugs back :)!

  9. I just ordered dermanail from ebay and it will go all the way to Sweden and me! It's nice to hear that it can be used over there something else I should think about? My nails both breaks and splits and are dry do U think this will help? Hope so! Love your blog, found it yesterday! =)

  10. Hi Camilla,
    This should definitely help. It will just take time to see results. Just make sure to moisturize directly after you apply it AND in general moisturize as much as you can through out the day. Thanks! :D

  11. Quick answer, nice! I oil my nail 2/day but I'll try to make it more often, especially now when the winter is coming. I went swimming today and I saw how my C-curve became flat, haven't seen it before! (luckily I had cuticle cream with me, after I read your blog absout it! ;))

  12. hi how come your not making more videos whats going on you got me addicted.please continue need help my nails steel peeling after i bought all the stuff you recommend xoxoxo

  13. This is a fantastic product & worth every penny. IT STOPS PEELING! It does not work fast!
    It works on the cells at the base of the fingernail where it grows. The cell, which come togethe and harden, push out and grow from the base of the nai formin the hard nail.
    A fingernail takes 4 to 6 mo. to completely grow to the edge of the finger...that is when you will see the full results! When the full nail grows in. remember, as the bed nail grows out the bad part will come to the tip so don't be discouraged when it takes a long time . It takes time for the good new nail to grow in andgriw completely up to the tip of the finger.
    as a professional nail technician, my advice is to not give up. Follow the instructions included in the box, and use a cuticle moisturizeron the entire nail, the cuticle, and under the nail at least twice a day 3 - 4 times a day is best and you will have gorgeous long healthy nails! Promise.