Monday, June 20, 2011


Misery loves company, so I have to subject your eyes too.

Actually there is nothing sad about this color.  It is freaking fantastic!

And loud ... like a crying baby.

China Glaze - Purple Panic (Neon)

Like most neons, this not only dries semi-matte, but is also really hard to capture.  I can't say this is dead on, but close.

This neon is more special than most.  Not only is it loud, but it also has secret blue/purple flash shimmer.


Flash shot!

Here is another shot with flash, but this time with some natural light mixed in too.

LOL if you click on these to make them bigger don't mind my crusty fingers, ewwww sorry.

These are all 2 coats with top coat.

Here is a shot in natural light.  You can't see the blue/purple flash and the base color is actually a bit darker and brighter.

How cute is my ring finger? :P

That was a recent pick-up line from my metro ride.  Yea no, you can't get my number.  WTH.


  1. you scared me!! I thought polish got into your eyes or something like that!! >.< but i have to admit this pink is HOT!! so, can i have your number?

  2. Ooooh! Love that retina-burning pink!

  3. My gosh this is a bright pink ! I have this color & it doesnt not look like this /: Come on now .

  4. Yeah, that pretty much burned my retinas!

  5. Wow! That is beautiful. I'm amazed.. a 2 coat neon?!

  6. That's a beautiful pink! Not sure I'd be able to wear it, but veeeery nice! <3

  7. Shortay, that polish is HOT! :P

  8. Awww...your little ring finger. LOL That color reminds me a lot of CC Electro Candy - it has that awesome purple flash, too. Great color!!

  9. @Silence is Loud - OMG that apparently is really common on the MUA nail board. I, like a true NERD, wear protective eye gear when doing my nails ... okay maybe not :P

    And yes YOU definitely can.

    @VijiiS - indeed. <3

    @Sinead and @Whitney @ ElementalStyles - <3 me too!

    @Toyomi - No way!? Well I suppose camera flash certainly helps, but it's pretty bright.

    @Olivia - Just pretend I gave you free Lasik :P

    @Alaina - Dang, now you make me question weather I really did two coats lol. I am pretty sure though :-/

    @Sarah B. - yea, definitely not a color I kept on all week. My (and my co-workers') eye's were bleeding after a couple of days lol - LOL, and so are you ;)

    @Megan Harmeyer - lol, awww thanks, I broke it recently so thanks for boosting my ego :)

    oh good to know about CC!

  10. is that over white or on its own?

  11. Haha.. You gotta give the guy credit for trying new pick up lines!
    And neons are just the best! :p

  12. Lol at your justfication for blinding us, too!

    I like it though. 'Tis hot.

  13. What a nice color, and your nails too! Hmmm I think I have to add it to my WL. :D

  14. Awesome! Haha, love your "SHORTAY". :D

  15. Ha, I love that color! It's super bright and perfect for summer. I will say this reminds me of Barbie...ha


  16. Y'know, I've been passing this by for a couple of years now. You create some huge lemmings for me - I'm going back for PP NOW! <3

  17. @Melissa Birch - I re-checked and it's definitely just 2 coats on it's own, nothing underneath (besides clear base).

    @ChaosButterfly - lol, you're welcome ;)

    @Maribeth (Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite!) - mmmm indeed

    @Swååfie - haha, yea that was his best.

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish - I'm all about spreading the love! Thanks! :D

    @Ivana - oooo thanks! it's yummy, perfect for summer :)

    @Solveig - Thanks!! *Shortay blushes :P

    @Christina - damn, now I have that barbie song stuck in my head ... life is plastic, it's fantastic lol

    @Nicole - hahaha, this or color club's electrocandy!