Sunday, June 12, 2011

Loodie in Wonderland

Since glitters are a pain to remove they get a back seat in my world.  Yea that's right I said it.  However, I was in the mood recently and this baby had been laying untouched for a while.

OPI - Absolutely Alice

Can I just say I love this picture.

Why does the skin on my fingers look granny like lol?!

Anyway, blue, silver and gold glitter in a light blue jelly base.

I put on a layer of regular top coat then Seche Vite to smooth it out (for the most part).

Indirect sunlight

Look.  I love that there is way less gold glitter than anything else, it makes it special.

In the sun you can see the sparkle. :D

At the moment my one hand has long nails, while the other was stricken with shorties

So this is what OPI's Absolutely Alice would look like on long nails ...

... and then short nails.

Kinda neat that I can show you both at the same time :)

I will pretend that I play the guitar if anyone asks lol :D


  1. It looks great on both (short or long)!

  2. I LOL'ed at the guitar comment. I would do that too. ;) Love the glitter.

  3. I literally just picked up a bottle of this for a swap today haha. It looks awesome on you!

  4. I've heard all the hype for this polish but was never sold until I saw these photos. Ohhhh my this polish looks amazing!

  5. Loooove it. Your nails look great, no matter what :P Would you want to slap me if I told you I used to own BOTH Absolutely ALice and Mad as a Hatter and GAVE THEM AWAY. What the hell was wrong with me? I hope my friends are REAllY enjoying them. I am a bozo.

  6. I actually do keep my violin playing hand short :P

    I see what you mean about the gold! It's there, but it doesn't take over like so many gold sparkles do. This is pretty.

  7. I love the shape of your nail & the color just compliments them .

  8. Ugh I totally passed on this one because of the pain that removing glitters causes me... bah this is a gorgeous color.

  9. How funny is it that I am reading this post AND watching Alice in Wonderland...ha. Anyway, this color is absolutely gorgeous! I, too, am deeply annoyed with removing shimmer polish but sometimes, a color is to good to pass up


  10. absolutely gorgeous! totally jealous! i've been wanting that polish for such a long time! haha

  11. The name just sounds so right!!! I would LOVE to kiss you nails, they are so mesmerizing. <3

  12. This looks beautiful on your nails.

  13. Ok, so you have mismatched nail lengths? What of it? I think it looks kind of cool! One hand is for displaying (a la Vanna White) while the other becomes more utilitarian (ie: nose picking!) lol!! Seriously though, the colour looks fab on you (long & short) and the guitar line had me howling with laughter!
    @Maribeth: GIRLLLLL....what where you thinking?! Go get them back! lol!!

  14. @Nicole - Top To Toe - YAY! Thanks!!

    @Boruvk_a - yay, success!! :D

    @A Polished Touch - tee hee, aha! you know some guitar players I see lol

    @Rachel Marie - Hell Yea! Awesome :D - It really is lovely. I'm not crazy crazy for glitter, but this one is a keeper :)

    @Maribeth (Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite!)- LOL! First, thank you. Second, not only do I want to hit you, but I need to go find a switch LOL ... Also I concur with x100!!!

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish - aaaahhhh! you play violin?! That is so fancy. You can serenade me anytime :P

    yea the gold just peaks out without over powering the whole deal :)

    @Toyomi - aaaawwww, thank you so much *blushes

    @GothamPolish - dude totally. Then I randomly came across it when it was harder to find and thought why the hell not?! Initially, I thought I would swap it, but then NOPE, ME LIKEY :)

    @Christina - wow soooo coool. I love coincidences!!! Stars aligned, it was meant to be :D

    Totally ... "deeply annoyed" is being nice, but this one is worth it darn it.

    @carissakuo - See! That's exactly why I originally bought it, to swap with the true lovers of this bad boy. Then I got sucked in too :P

    @Silence is Loud - LOL, teee heeee you make me giggle like a school girl. A very OLD one, but still :P

    @Minty - Thanks girly!! :D - So I read your comment while I was at work, and scared my office mate with my horse laugh. OMG I love your options, especially the one of utilitarian nature ;) Hell if I use the Vanna White hand my brain would be bleeding out, LOL :P

  15. THat is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, did you get the pint of beer I left you? ;-)

  16. @Olivia - You have been banned for unnecessary use of o's and e's, lol. No wait, I understand, it is that pretty :P

    DID I?! Hell I'm still drunk. Once my brain cells can come up with coherent answers you'll be first to know about it! lol <3

  17. This polish looks like a holo,but I know it's not,which is great anyway,it's really just gorgeous all the way around!

  18. What a beautiful color hello lemming... I too always think my hands look all granny lol

  19. I like your short nails! I tagged you with an award, hope it's okay to leave the link here:

  20. :0 We are mani twins! I tried out my Absolutely Alice for the first time for this week's mani...LOVE IT!

  21. @Thalie - it is so pretty!!

    @Beauxs mom - lol, we have grannie mani's tee hee

    @KarenD - awwwwww. Thanks! yay, I am the slowest blogger known to man, but I will definitely do it :D

    @Melissa Birch - 0.0 YAY!!! I don't know why it's so exciting BUT IT IS!! LOVE it when that happens *high TEN , so that we can see or mani's in full affect :D

  22. Hey Loodie! Thanks for visiting my recipe blog. Yeah I love throwing things together, but I also love love trying out new recipes. I usually follow the book the first time, then make my own changes the second time.
    I LOVE Absolutely Alice. I have it, and I have yet to try it. Sacrilege, I know. I an also not a huge fan of glitters because of the PITA removal even with the foil method. Yeah I am lazy. But AA is pretty amazing. I think I might layer it over black.

  23. Hi Pam! I like that style of cooking. Like the American Idle judges always say "make it your own" lol

    I feel the same about glitters, but definitely feel this one is worth it! oooo layered over black sounds hot. I'd like to see that!

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