Friday, July 1, 2011

My Dirty Jet

Ummm so I accidentally made a dupe of a OPI's defective batch of My Private Jet.  Actually, NO not a dupe, it's better :P

How did this happen?

I really wanted something brown and burgundy; really rich and delicious. However, after the smoke cleared I some how ended up adding some holo stuff to it and yummy, it became near edible.

(I don't advise the latter)

I probably could have made this more holo; maybe next time.  I like this one as it stands.

2 coats in the sun <3
Gosh I don't know where to start.  How about a comparison first to the defective MPJ:

Mine is on the bottom.
Definitely more burgundy. 

Bottle pic's next!

I think mine is more sparkly too :D

Alright here is what I used:

Cover Girl - Goddess
ZOMG if you don't have this you should! China Glaze - Fairy Dust is similar.  I'm sure there are others, feel free to leave a comment ...

Color Club - Love Em/Leave Em
Perhaps a more holo version of something would be better

Color Club - Jewel of a Girl

Color Club - Nothing But Truffel

That very first pic is two coats on its own.  Now on to the layering ...

OPI Siberian Nights - How lush.  I'm a little mad it looks black most of the time though.

Flash shot!

Seriously, see it's black in most lights.

Natural indirect light.  Still hot though!

Aahh only in the sun do you see the deep purple plum.

One day I woke up to sheet marks! Ugh, it was horrible!! I had to go to work all day like this.  I'm sure I am the only one that noticed.

Came straight home and layered this baby.

Sunlight picture!

It's definitely darker than in the first picture, hu?
I love these fluorescent light pictures.  It makes them so squishy looking.

Here is an incandescent light picture.  Still YUM.

What do you think?


  1. OK, I left my first comment like that for effect.


    and I also think it is better than the original. OPI should hire you because clearly you can make their polish better than they can make their polish.

  2. yours is way better than the original, what a gorgeous creation chica!

  3. This is beautiful - and better than MPJ! Very much WIN!

  4. This really is beautiful :D Like amazing . I need this . Great Franken !

  5. Ooooo, Ooooo, Ooooo, I want that!!! Love it!!!!!!

  6. LOL I love your name! :P This is gorgeous! Good job.

  7. "My Dirty Jet"....where your mind be at, girl?!! Seriously though, this is soooooooo sexy!'re talented. And smart. And gorgeous. And know your way around nail polish. Start selling these beauties! Love this!!

  8. Um, yea that polish is some kinda awesome. And OK, so you're a 'nerdy scientist' right? So seriously, you SHOULD be selling these!! You clearly have a bad-ass knack for it. Love!

  9. Awesome. Your DUPE is way better than the original polish. Love it. By the way, I completely agree with Beauty-Obsessed's comment. You should be selling these


  10. I like yours. It's really pretty. I got two MPJ duds. whoopee. I had a little fun tonight on the blog and tagged you in a post:

  11. @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish and Chaos Butterfly - haha, awesome. Affect noted! And thank you :)

    @Maribeth, socialitedreams, Megan, Toyomi, Teddi, Biba, Emily, Noir Lacquer, and Polarbelle - Thank you <3,, and Christina - Awwww, I am sooo flattered, but selling Frankens sounds too much like work lol. I am happy to just mix them randomly and give you guys recipes instead. *HUGS* :D