Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello New Loodie!

Hello New People!

I have had so many new followers I thought I would say 'hey' and 'WELCOME'! *waves spastically* :D

Many thanks to the other nail ladies in the nail community for their love and support ... especially Polish Insomniac and Rebecca likes nails. <3

If you're new to my blog you may have missed a few interesting posts.  I thought I would summarize a few interesting series and/or topics:

Nail Filing Series:
X-Files Post and Video
Nail Shape and Balance Post
Taking Down Nail Length Post
Shaping the Free Edge - Square Post and Video
Shaping the Free Edge - Oval Post and Video
Shaping the Free Edge - Squoval Post and Video
Sealing the Nail Plate
Buffing out a peel

Nail Hardener/Treatment Series:
Nail Hardener/Treatment Categories 
Formaldehyde Nail Treatments
Are Formaldehyde Based Treatments right for you?
Protein Based Treatments
Formaldehyde + Protein Based Hardeners
Formaldehyde or Protein Based Hardeners + Moisturizers
Fluoride Based Nail Treatments Part I  
Fluoride Based Nail Treatments Part II
Dimethyl Urea (DMU) based Hardeners
Nail Conditioners, and more nail conditioner talk here
Formaldehyde vs. Formaldhehyde Resin

Cuticle Care:
More Moisture
Cuticles - to cut or not to cut
How to use cuticle remover

Nail Fix Series:
Gel polish to the rescue!

General Nail Care Tips:
Rules to live by


  1. Geez girl your blog is taking off!!! That's sooo great to hear! You work really hard and we all love your posts :) :) :) Congrats!

  2. @Paillette - sweet! :D

    @Gotham Polish - Thanks Amy! I <3 you right back :)

    @Nicole - lol, all old geezers and regulars welcome :D HAI!!!!

  3. Awesome! I shall be avidly reading your cuticle care posts. Seems to be my biggest nail problem!


  4. I absolutely love your blog, so amazingly helpful!

  5. Thanks for this recap, must read them all :D

  6. So much useful information! I missed a bunch of the early stuff, but I'm all caught up now... going to go remove the true cuticle! I feel smarter already! Thanks :D

  7. How am I just finding out about your blog now? I am a new follower! And am putting you on my blogroll!

  8. @annie - And if I could give you any more advice it would .... moisturize moisturize moisturize! :)

    @Cheap, Pretty Nails - awww thank you. And I love your blog name. Um hello?! cheap and pretty yea I'm in!

    @rijaH - haha, when ever you have time. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy! :P

    @Anutka - yay. OH yes don't mutilate the wrong one. haha, no thank you for reading!

    @Fingers - I hide and stay real quite. No worries, now you found it! yay!

  9. Congrats on the new followers lady. You deserve it!


  10. Thanks Christina! Your comment made me smile :D

  11. I agree with Christina, you deserve it!! So happy to see more people finding you :)

  12. Rebecca said to follow you, so I'm going to listen to her. :)

  13. @Rebecca - :D *bear hugs* Thanks to you my friend!

    @Wendy - aawww, lol. Thanks. <3

    @jbrobeck - I know you are, but what am I :P

  14. Hey Lady!

    I am so glad to see where you are at now! You put so much effort and hearts into this. I have been M.I.A. for a good while. It's good to return and to see that you still have your happy nature! Keep it up!

    Elaine <3

  15. Hi Elaine! You are so sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words. How could I not be happy doing my nails?! :P *hugs*

  16. Hi! I found your blog and YT over this past weekend, and I'm so happy I did. I used to frequent MUA/NB but stopped after being stuck in perpetual peelie hell and now that I've seen your sealing video and read your posts on choosing the right treatments, I know what I was doing wrong. I have renewed motivation to have awesome nails again. You rock, and I can't wait to learn more things from you :)

  17. Artemis - Hell yea! I am so excited too :D DON'T FORGET TO MOISTURIZE!!!

    On a way nerdier note: your name is the name of one of my data analysis programs *nerd cackle*