Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's better than kitties and polish?

If you're an old spinster like me the answer to that question is ... nothing ...

Revlon Tinted - Victorian

This color is right in line with my spring/summer mood.  Solveig and I have been on the same wavelength lately :D

This is either 3 or 4 coats. Sorry, spinster status means I'm old and forgetful.

This picture is without topcoat.  You can see the finish is like satin, very velvety (see next picture for topcoat).

This polish is coral in nature, but I wish it was more bottle color.  It doesn't quite lean pink like I want it to.

See what I mean about the bottle color.  I want that bottle color!

It's still a nice coral on the nail though.

When flash is involved it certainly looks more pink and has a neon quality to it.

Now on to the kitties!!!

Isn't it funny when cats sleep so hard their tongue comes out, lol.

When he's not sleeping super cute, he tries to look real cool on the couch.

He has a friend that also likes to keep it cool (or rather warm it up) on my computer.

WTH cat?

How am I suppose to stalk MUA nail boards work on my dissertation?


  1. Victorian looks so much better on you than it does on me! I'm jealous... And I love your cat. Tell him I said meow.

  2. I totally want one of these, but I'm allergic to VNL. These pics give me hope though!

  3. beautiful color.!
    and ur cat is so cute sleeping!! awwww!

  4. I need these in my life! (both the polish and kitties :D)

  5. Oh, it's so super adorable when kitties sleep like this - with their little tongue out :)

  6. The color is beautiful . This kind of makes me want to run out & get it . The kitties are so so cute !

  7. the bottle color is what confused me in the store. i thought it was a bright pink but when i see swatches they're a different color, lol.

    still pretty and a great swatch!

  8. I'm drooling over this polish, so juicy and gorgeous!
    Yay kitties! :D

  9. Oh kitty kitties! *pets them, scratches their ears*

  10. Can those cats look anymore regally entitled? Lol!!! Gotta love that feline personality! This shade looks amazing on you, but lately I've been on a bit of a matte kit and I love its natural finish! Perfection, as always, my friend!

  11. @Laura - Aww thanks, message relayed. He told me to lick you.

    @Noelie - LOL. Take enough Benadryl and you will be so hopped up and drowsy, you won't even care about VNL ;) haha

    @McDiaz714 - :) Thank you!

    @Savvy - Polish? yes sure. Kitties? NOOOOooo.

    @Maribeth - Juicy is good!

    @Biba - haha i know right!

    @Toyomi - If you don't mind VNL or lots of coats lol.

    @Enamel Girl - I know! I totally want the bottle color though. :-/

    @Solveig - haha, thanks.

    @Olivia - *meow **lickes your nose** - love my kitties! The finish is unique on it's own, but with 4 coats I need to buy more patience lol. Thanks!

    @Alice - thank you!! :)

  12. ooeeh gorgeous nail color!! a perfect pink :)

    ...can I hug the cute red cat nauw pwettie pls?

  13. :D thank you!

    Okay one hug, but I'm watching you! :P