Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I feel slightly old today

Happy Birthday to me!  I am very excited mainly because this weekend I will be shoving my face full of deliciousness.  My sister makes some killer cinnamon buns and I am crossing my fingers she'll read this in time, hint hint ;)

The MUA nail boards have inspired my b-day mani!

Hello sparkly goodness!

I love it so much. :D

I have to give thanks to the hubby for actually picking the final manicure.  Good job!

This is actually a layered manicure so here is what I used ... 

Base: Nail Life Nail Revitalizer
(formaldehyde free)

This is a protein based treatment with moisturizers, you can learn more in this post.

After the base, I applied one coat of the slightly streaky mess that is China Glaze - Bahamian Escape.

Somehow I managed less streaks with my non-dominate hand ...

Then I applied one coat of KleanColor Blue Holo 135.

I applied a second coat of KleanColor Blue Holo and top coat.

This picture shows two coats of KleanColor Blue Holo on top of China Glaze - Bahamian Escape with topcoat.

The bottle shots are made even more lovely with my gargantuan hands! 

Final Manicure:
Base: Nail Life Nail Revitalizer
Color: 1 coat China Glaze - Bahamian Escape
Color: 2 coats of KleanColor Blue Holo
Top: 1 coat Sally Hansen Clear
Top: 1 coat Poshe

Oh hello sun!

I love the KleanColor Holo's because they give me the sparkle of glitter without the roughness.

Have you tried the stinky-ness of Kleancolor?


  1. Happy Birthday!! Your nails look fab!

    I am actually wearing right now 2 coats of Kleancolor Blue Holo myself, I had to do my nails super quickly the other day before going out cause my nails were naked and I just threw on 2 coats of that plus SV top coat and as simple as it is, I get so many compliments on the glitzyness of it.

    But yea Kleancolor polishes really do REEK!!! lol

  2. Happy birthday dear. :*** Wish you all the best. :)

    And this combinations is great, love it! Especially looks great on sun, I looove sprakles. ♥

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Love the mani. I've yet to try any Kleancolor polishes.

  4. Soooo pretty! Happy, happy birthday!!

  5. happy birthday Anna!! i wish you nothing but the best in this year to come. and i cant wait to see what else you share with us in ur lovely blog :)

    i have about 6 holos from kleancolor. and i agree their beautiful and definitely eye catching.. but they stink! . yukky. !

    this combo looks great on you :) your hubby did great.!

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you get your cinnamon bun :)

  7. Happy Birthday! We're almost birthday twins. How fun! Love that mani.

  8. happy birthday! i hope you have an awesome day!

    shel xx

  9. That's bloody gorgeous!
    AND of course happy birthday from one nailnut to another ;)

  10. Happy birthday! Yur nails look awesome.

  11. my god this is sparkly awesomeness happy birthday

  12. Happy Birthday!!

    And your birthday mani is awesome. :)

  13. Happy birthday my fellow Cancerian! May your day be filled with gooey cinnamon buns & bottles of polish <3 PS, this combo is beautiful on your nails!!

  14. Happy birthday! This is a WIN and glitter. Very pretty!! It kinda reminds me of a less chunky ChG Atlantis.

  15. Happy natal day, honey!! Your nails are FABULOUS!

  16. Great party nails, happy birthday!!! <:o)

  17. I love this color the best with KleanColor chunky glitter .

  18. Happy birthday! Your nails look sparkle-icious.

  19. Happy birthday! Lovely lovely layering :)

  20. Happy birthday! Ooh, that's awesome. I have to layer mine! I have tried a lot of the stinky Kleancolors. I do love them so much.

  21. Happy birthday! Your nails look great!! :D

  22. I'm gonna try this with For Audrey (when i get my hands on it, it's on it's way :)) and Wet n' Wild's Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire... so awesome looking!

  23. Happy birthday! This is a gorgeous mani!

  24. My turn to publicly wish you a happy birthday!!! You had me at "killer cinnamon buns"....not to mention the drooling that image inspired! Your birthday mani is spectacular.....and somehow, so you!! Love the combo, love your nails, love the fact that you're a fellow Cancerian! We rock!! Lol!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Loodie!
    May your nails never break, may knives and razors bend before they cut your hand, may you always have free time to update your fabulous blog and youtube channel!

  26. Happy birthday to you! :D
    Your mani looks amazing! I love light blues. :)
    I'm wearing a Kleancolor today, actually, Golden Nightmare. It applied like a dream, I'm in love! :D

  27. Happy birthday Anna! I hope you had a great day! Love the mani, holo polishes make me happy no matter what, definitely a perfect birthday mani :)

  28. Happy Birthday!!! Great mani pick, your nails are looking great :)

  29. OMG guys thank you so much for all your wishes!! Every single one of you made me really happy! :D Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    @Erika - They really are fantabulous <--- and apparently that is a word because blogger is not correting that for me lol

    @McDiaz714 - Thats really sweet. I am so happy to share :D

    @Helly - haha, it's been confirmed. She is making them!!! :D

    @Sinead - :D Another reason why I liked you so much!

    @Claudia - I love that you said bloody >.< tee hee

    @Maribeth - YAY!! Yours is coming too!! I hope I didn't miss it.

    @Megan - :D Atlantis is gorgeous, I need to wear it again. It's the perfect teal :D

    @UhhSpork - cool, I hope to see it, or rather not miss it! - You are awesomest or your favorite ---> SWEET ;). Haha, "killer cinnamon buns" indeed. I will be in a sugar coma in no time!

    @purplegreenpanda - absolutely loved your wishes!!! My faves <3

    @Solveig - I got that one too! I like it a lot, perfect for fall and halloween ... or anytime really ;) - agreed, :D <-- my face

  30. Happy belated birthday! Now why haven't I thought to layer the Kleancolor holos? Great idea, and gorgeous combo on you!

  31. @Olivia - Thanks! You are as sweet as my delicious cinnamon buns were this weekend!!

    @ABOB - Thank you! You should totally layer, it will save you a bunch of coats.