Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good God Loodie put your knives away

Can you believe a quesadilla was almost the death of my thumb!

Okay that's a little extreme.  That knife in the background was actually the near culprit. 

OH the horror.  I will spare you the immediate blood and gore, but HOLY CRAP.  OUCH.

The quesadilla was delicious though.

So I'm chopping jalapenos right.  Ya know, having a good time, thinking about how succulent the quesadilla will be.   Then BAM!

Can we just take a moment of silence please.




Don't worry, there is a happy ending.

Lucky for me life is not like "Death Becomes Her"

Not only do nails grow, but thank goodness for Shellac.

I fix my nail boo boo's with soak of nail gels. 

You can find that tutorial here.

The end result with Shellac.

Protected ... and SHINY :D

This is actually a week later, so the cut has healed.  :)

Gosh this regrowth is gonna take awhile.

But in the mean time I spent my days complaining to Olivia who coincidentally had a traumatic paper cut.

Dude, two months later it finally grew out.


China Glaze - Nasty

Sorry for the large gap, this picture is from a wear test.


  1. Ok girl, I don't know what's going on with you lately and all these "Series of Unfortunate Events", but time to either get a priest in there to perform some kind of exorcism or get yourself some de-hexing material!! We need your gorgeous hands & nails in one piece, so take it easy, will ya? Geez...now I'll be worrying about you all the time...lol!!! What a fab repair job, though....not surprised; if anyone could repair that, it could only be you!!

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, OUCH! I am constantly fricking mangling my nails with knives when I cook. You'd think I'd learn to be more careful.

  3. OMG!!!! thatlooks so painful!! please be more careful!! but great job on fixing that boo boo.!

  4. Loodie, you seem to always be getting into nail accidents! Be careful! :D

  5. Ouch. Woman, you have to be more careful!
    That quesadilla looks delicious btw. =)

  6. Who puts jalapenos in their quesadia? lol I don't think I spelled any of that right:P Well at least you nail healed!

  7. Holy effin ouch! Side note; is this a 'Cancer' thing too, because I cannot seem to cook without getting cut, burned, or bruised!? Are you prone to kitchen accidents too? ;)

  8. My gosh did that look painful /: Glad to see that it grew out though . China Glaze Nasty Reminds me of Sinful Colors Fig .

  9. @ommorphiabeautybar.com - LOL, I blame Lemony Snicket! He's trying to ruin the blog!

    @Noelie - Gosh I wouldn't mind the cuts so much IF IT WASN'T ON MY NAIL.

    @McDiaz714 - thank you, I need the moral support!

    @Rachel Marie - I am becoming a pro. I wish I was a pro at something else though :-/

    @AmyGrace - Why thank you! It was, it really was. :)

    @Hannah J - OH man you don't know what your missing, but then again I love the burn lol ... and so should you, get the endorphins pumping and spice up your life!

    @Maribeth - LOL, you too? Silly Cancers we are. The scarier thing is that I work with chemicals. *sigh. Good lord that's just asking for it ... and by it I mean death lol

    @Toyomi - Thank you, thank you. *Hmmm goes to google

  10. Yow! That is a close call! I did that once while slicing and dicing cucumbers and sliced the the nail but missed the nail bed luckily. I had a bald nail bed for about 3 months. I also had to throw out the sliced cucumbers because my nail got mixed into it. :p

    I am coming over when you have quesadillas again!

  11. The quesadilla looks amazing, but that photo of your nail just nearly made me run screaming from the room. ::HEEBIES:: I think I did that to one of my nails years ago, evidently in an attempt to slice my finger off. Fortunately unsuccessful.

    But hey -- at least they grow back out, right? ::sags:: Whew. ::pets::

  12. Loodie, you should consider hiring a bodyguard for your nails to protect you from yourself. xD

  13. That looks so sore! Good thing you managed to fix it with your gel!

  14. Heavens to Betsy that looked painful! Death becomes her is one of my all time fav movies!

  15. Ö OMG Loodie that looks OUUUUUUUUUUUUCH! Keep your pretty fingers away from knives. :D

  16. When you have a cut like that does it hurt to put your finger under the UV light?

  17. Think how much worse that would have hurt if the quesadilla wasn't yummy after all that!

  18. @Olivia - Nail salad, sounds ... crunchy lol. I have quesadilla's all the freaking time so swing by anytime ;)

    @Janissa11 - Thank goodness they grow back!

    @Purplegreenpanda - Bahaha, I need to get an insurance policy. lol

    @The Nail Buff - yes I love my shellac :D

    @♥beauxs mom - tee hee, I just saw it too.

    @Ivana - mmmkay, I'll do my best :)

    @Tina - The gel is not like regular gel, so no it did not burn or hurt at all, but I know what you are talking about. I have only ever had that happen using a true traditional gel.

    @ABOP - I know right!