Monday, July 11, 2011

Is it 4th of July yet?

Oh wait, that was like a week ago.  If you haven't realized already, I am super slow.  It's no surprise this is a week late.  Actually I am a bit surprised I didn't post it even later.

I hardly ever plan holiday themed manicures, because that just seems like too much work.  However, I actually felt like it.  Funny, thing though, this was my July 3rd mani.  I got bored of it by the forth. lol A super awesome polish followed.

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps
China Glaze - Dorothy Who?
Color Club - Worth the Risque

I have to admit I kinda suck at this tape stuff.  It would help if I actually waited for the polish to dry lol.  Oh and I just read that making the tape less sticky by sticking it on your skin a few times helps.  I need to try that next time.

My niece was loving the stripes so she asked me to do something similar.

Well my real July 4th manicure was ...
The freaking gorgeous
Rimmel - Night Before

This is a pretty special polish because it has so many flashes of pure love.

Essentially this polish is purple with shimmer.

BUT OH THE SHIMMER!!! So many colors.

Pinks, reds, yellows and greens oh my!

I have included lots of pictures to show all of its faces.

The yellow and green are very subtle and I would not call this a duochrome at all. 

This was two coats, but you could possibly get away with one. 

Also this guy dries in 60 seconds so that's pretty cool.


 Love this guy!


  1. I really like the RW&B mani, but I LOVE the Rimmel. Do you know how many times I've picked that one up and put it back? Too many times!

  2. I think your striped mani looked great. The colors you used looked so good together!
    The shimmer in the Rimmel polish is gorgeous! :D

  3. Haha aww well its better late than never eh?! =P
    Love the design you'v done =]

    OMG that rimmel polish is stunning! AAGGHHH me wants! =P

  4. I love the Night Before . It's so shimmery . It's almost dark and mysterious .

  5. *drools all over the floor*
    Night Before is amazingg...

  6. China glaze ruby pumps is such a beautiful colour.

  7. It all looks so f*ckin freakin gorgeous!

  8. I was all, Ruby Pumps! Gorgeous!

    And then I saw The Night Before and sorta...freaked. That is flippin' gorgeous. Wow. WOW. WAAAANT!

  9. @Megan - You know funny thing, the first time I picked it up, maybe it was the lightening in the store, but I had to have it, no doubt. I contemplated a backup immediately.

    @Annie - I agree!!

    @Sara - True true. I figure it's my blog so I can operate on my own timeline lol.

    @Toyomi - I know right. Like it's made by Batman or something ;)

    @ChaosButterfly - *wipes puddle* Thank you :)

    @Beautyshades - I like it a lot too!!

    @Olivia - No! I know you are, but what am I? ;)

    @Janissa11 - lol. It IS freaking fantastic!

  10. Wow I love these!! Especially the top one!!


  11. LOVE the Rimmel, and love the 4th of July mani!

  12. @Marisa and - Thanks so much!