Monday, August 22, 2011

Crapity Crack

I am not a fan of crack of any kind.  Crack is Whack.  Whitney was right.  When the trend came out I wanted to slit my wrists.  I am currently holding my breath until it ends.  The look reminds me of open wounds.  I have seen attractive crack in pictures, but in real life it looks like an infested wound.

So, when my sister told me she wanted to try it, I one, gave her the death eye, and two, said "ugh, fine I'll get it for you."

After seeing a whole lot of crack in the last few months I at least knew which one I wanted to get her.  I finally came to a decision after seeing this post on Addicted to Polish.

Okay, I know this is a gift, but I have to make sure it's "safe" right?  If anything she should feel like royalty.  I can be the equivalent of a royal food taster.

First a big thank you to Another Botttle of Polish?! for the base polish ...
Color Club - Give Me a Hint

She has some of the best color combinations my eyeballs have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  Visit her blog for some seriously great eye candy!!

Color Club - Give Me a Hint
2 coats

A dusty purple with taupe leanings. My pictures make it look more purple.  It looks more taupe in the sun.

Now let's do some crack ...

Sorry for the crustiness! I was seriously just "tasting it".

La Rosa - Seaweed

1 coat on each finger, but I varied the thickness of the coat. 

More crust!

Seriously no clean up, sorry.

Since this was my first time, I didn't know what to expect.  My first few applications, pinky and ring fingers, got a thick coat, which cracked into thick pieces.  The pointer got a pretty thin coat and you can see it cracked into finer pieces.   

I hope this crack satisfies my sisters hunger for crusty infested looking fingers.


  1. C'mon loodie.. that's some cute crack! Haha..maybe I only like it because it's a poor excuse for nail art and I am terrible at nail art..eep.

  2. I think this combo looks awesome. I am pretty tired about the crack effect as well, but its an easy way to pep up a dead manicure easily :P But would surely love to have this color, minty crack is so cool :D

  3. I hate this whole crack trend-I refuse to wear it, buy it look at it! I just don't get the allure-I think it looks messy and yucky!

  4. Your description of crackle polish had me rolling on the floor! I'm pretty "meh" about crack. It's not something I ever see myself using a lot, but in some instances it's pretty cool.

  5. I hear ya girlfriend! I hate crakle polish!! I did buy the silver shatter from OPI cause I did like pics I saw of it, but I have only worn it once, and less then a day.

    I have to say that I like this combo though!

  6. Your post had me rolling. I don't like it either. I have Silver Shatter for making jewelry (and it does make AWESOME jewelry), but all of that irregularity and messiness kicks my OCD into overdrive. No thank you, blef.

  7. Hahahahaha!! you crack me up. I actually don't mind crackle polish every once in a while.

  8. First, I like the base color. Second, your hatred of crack makes me feel better. I've never been OMG CRACKLE POLISH and it's nice to know I'm not the only one. Third, this crackle makes me cringe. LOL

  9. I keep buying these and kicking myself afterwards. I DON'T LIKE THEM! ....BUT, I do. UGH. I cannot make up my mind! I think I may have multiple personalities.

  10. I like the color combo! I am not big on crack but it can be fun occasionally I think :).

  11. LMAO!!!!!! XD I just swatched China Glaze Black Mesh (crack) along with the rest of their Haunting Collection and can I just say......I tried...I really did... But...urgh, I had a big fat sad after putting that crusty crack over my pretty glow in the dark nails. :( It cracked all weird. It looked...bad. I think I hate it too.

  12. The base color looks awesome on you! And at least you paired it with a great crackle color. Yah, I can't really into crack either, in spite of the one mani I tried with it. I find it easier on the eyes when there topcoat over it though.

  13. Ahahahah I love your description of crackle polishes!!! You chose a nice color combo, BTW.
    I have to say that I like crackles but now I'm really bored by all this crackle collections!

  14. I love that you hate crack too. I can't stand it and haven't been able to since the very beginning! I'm so sick of looking at pictures of it (except on here of course because of the context) I could just puke.

  15. Wow the crackles look great . I love the color combo !

  16. I stopped buying crack. I have enough and had enough. I wish I could sell it on the street and make some money off of it but I think the crackheads will be able to tell the difference from the fumes.

  17. I am SOO with you on seriously disliking CRACK! It is totally whack and I am eager for it to kick the bucket already :S However, having said that...this is probably the ONLY crack combo I've seen that I don't utterly hate. You've got a gift, girl! I hope you don't get hooked though...stay clean, my friend!

  18. Girl this looks AMAZING!!! For some reason, it reminds me of a cartoon baby dinosaur. Or maybe a Pokemon.

  19. I totally agree with you - SAY NO TO CRACK! lol
    It was actually my sister who got me to put crack on my fingers, as well. What's with the crack-pushing sisters???
    Oh, and that Color Club looks fantastic, by the way! :D

  20. LOL! Crack is not Whack. I love the creme cracks. Even though I have the glittery ones I'm not fond of them like I thought I would be. Now they do look like open wounds. Lol! :)

  21. wow, the crack is very nice!! People actually asked me what happened to my nails when i had the black crackle on. They thought my nails was dirty or infected. >.<

  22. I ROFL at first line, I liked crakle polish for two weeks then I didnt like it anymore LOL.

  23. @Mel, Glassflecked. - haha, I will give you this ... borderline cute

    @rijaH - Minty crack doesn't seem as bad as red crack for sure.

    @Fingers - should we start a riot?

    @StardustStephanie - :D I almost always like it on pictures way more than in real life.

    @Angie - On pictures this combo is palatable, otherwise, I am not so sure.

    @Noelie - Oooo jewelry. My other fave thing! Silver crack seems perfect for some bling ... puss filled bling :p

    @Jacki - haha, it's all yours! :P

    @Megan Harmeyer - I LOVE the base color too. You can't go wrong with creams. My resistance to crack continues to get stronger.

    @Maribeth (Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite!) - LOL, the fumes have created a monster!

    @Deborah - Maybe that's the problem, crack is everywhere. If it was more underground maybe I wouldn't have such a hatred for it.

    @idrinknailpolish - Ugh, so sad it ruined a good mani. *Kicks crack in the nuts*

    @ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) - Thanks to you! I love the base color! If I ever try crack again I will put a top coat over it, but I doubt crack will ever touch my fingers again.

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish - Yes, bored is a good word. NEXT!

    @Angie - Barf Party!

    @Toyomi - It definitely could have been worse, but I am glad it's off my fingers.

    @Olivia - ROFL, if you cut it just right, and create a great advertising campaign (i.e. sex sells) you can make a fortune! :P - LOL, I promise. This is a CRACK FREE zone.

    @GothamPolish - I love that description!

    @Solveig - hahahahahaha, omg that was so funny. They are enablers, failing one's.

    @rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) - Oh yea silver and gold crack are especially gross. This is only slightly better lol.

    @Silence is Loud - Bahahaha. Exactly, dirty is not the image I want people to perceive.

    @Nadia - ahah, next!

  24. I'm new here, and already decided I like your blog for all the great info I can find here. Now that you have said that you hate crack, I LOVE YOU!!!! OMG I am so fed up with it everywhere on the nail blogs. I like my nails nice and smooth, not all crusty and gross. The only crack mani I liked was when one blogger did an orangey red under a black crack polish and it reminded me of logs in my wood burning stove when they are all blackened but you see the red hot heart of it in cracks all over.

  25. Hi Donna! Welcome!! :D I am so happy to hear you like my blog, yay! I love my nails smooth as well, it's so calming isn't it?! If I want crust I might just skip moisturizing a few days, lol. OMG, orangey/red with black crack ... maybe it looked good in pictures, but that sounds like a serious infection. Ebola maybe? :P

  26. i sooooo agree with you and i can't wait until crack falls out of style. it's SO UGLY

  27. @Lindsay - If we all unite we can convince the muggles too :P

  28. lovely crackle! :) I love your blog too! :) <3