Monday, August 1, 2011

Pass The Pint

Olivia from The Unknown Beauty Blog decided to start an off topic series known as Pass the Pint.  In one particular post she listed 5 random non-beauty items she likes.  What a fun idea!  I forcefully invited myself into her post ;)  

Here are a couple of things I LOVE, that are completely unrelated to nails. 

1.  Seltzer water – at this point I am addicted and aside from coffee and tea, it’s the only thing I drink.  My sink water tastes like chemically feet, not my favorite flavor, so seltzer water has presented itself as a great alternative!  Oh boy here comes another immigrant story ... when we first came to this country coke was like … well … coke.  Everybody wanted a hit.  The family would buy a 2 liter bottle and it was gone the hour it was cracked open.  You snooze, you loose.  Seltzer water gives me hydration and fizz without the sugar and other nasty boo kaki they put into it these days.

*Ignore the random alky in the background.*

2.   Pens – OMG I love pens and pencils.  No, let me clarify, I am very picky about my writing implement.  The implement heavily determines how pretty the writing will be.  Writing utensils put me in a certain mood.  I especially love long thin implements with fine tips.  *uh, that’s what she said, wait what?*

Considering, I was seriously obsessed with handwriting as a child this is no surprise.

3.  Eating deliciousness – All we could afford when I was growing up was hot dogs and that bologna with the red plastic around it.  I can’t remember how many times those strips ended up in my gullet.  I’m guessing this is where my food obsession began.  Now my days, and particularly weekends, are planned around the phrase “hey what are we going to eat.”  

pic found here

4. Laughing – one of my favorite pastimes.

5. Laughing louder – After love there is nothing better.  Wrinkles from the sun … curse them, wrinkles from happiness … count me in!

To celebrate 4 and 5, I am passing the pint to a few ladies that make me laugh (with a little bit of pee).

First if you have not read Olivia’s Blog … you should.  Not only is it informative, but she makes my side hurt on the regular.

1. Polished Pirate – She has a nail blog, but also a hilariously funny random blog called Your Mom’s Face.  I mean really, this story is a prime example … click here.  Keep a change of panties close.

2. Nefertiti Wore Red – Nail blogger with a fantastic sense of humor.  Brings me joy to read.

3. Worse than a meat dress – I met this little lady on the MUA nail boads.  Cassie and I have had some deep AND meaningless conversations and she simply cracks me up.  Her blog explores health and beauty products and the ingredients we constantly expose ourselves to; makes you think and laugh.  I miss you! <3

There is no responsibility with this tag.  Just giving you love <3


  1. It's on! I can name 5 random non-beauty items I love. Can you handle it? LOL

  2. I hear ya on the seltzer water. Once in a while I will melt a popsicle in it. :p

    Were you addicted to grilled cheese bologna sandwiches? I ate those when I was a little girl and became a connoisseur of them LOL!

    Laughing is the best and who cares about the wrinkles. I can't stand to see faces that try to laugh but look as though they will break which actually makes me laugh even more!

    Great list!

  3. I am the same way with pens, I love them too much. And I agree, I have to have a fine tip to have the "most beautiful" handwriting. Glad I'm not the only one! =)

  4. hahahah I love your stories! I too am a pen/pencil/marker fiend! You can never have too many and I can honestly spend 75 dollars on pens and pencils.

  5. Oooh, I have a thing for pens too! I'm obsessed with pens. I buy them on the regular. I have SO many stashed in so many places. I'm ganking this from you and Polished Pirate, I actually read hers first! This is great.

  6. You are too funny! And yes, I'm totally loving pens too! x

  7. OMG Your Mom's Face is HIlarious! Thank you for introducing me to some great new blogs. I'm a pen snob, too! I have to beg the docs to let me get MY special pens. LOL

  8. im also the same with pens:P hehheeeh. at school if i have no pen i make the teacher give me a certain pen before i write with it haah!xx

  9. OMGz I love seltzer water and pens! (That may be the strangest sentenced I've ever typed ;)

    Seriously though, I'm addicted to the FIZZ that diet soda gives me and I was searching for an alternative. Enter seltzer water; the perfect tool for weaning off of soda! I'm gonna go get my orange one from my fridge (a.k.a, "the frid rigger" per my 4 yr old)

    And back to the pens....I totally have a specific "type" of pen/pencil I love. I have also always been slightly obsessed with own and other people's. I would write and rewrite my homework when I was younger if I didn't like how it came out. I also believe you can tell a lot about a person from their penmanship ;) (Fun Fact: I also believe the same thing about nails!). Sorry for this ridiculously long book-comment....every time I read a post, I feel that Cancerian thing making me say, "OMG>>>>>ME TOOO!!!"...ha. XoXo

  10. Oh jaybird I wish we could have a real pint together, why you gotta be so far away?!

    OLIVIA!! ooo popsicle in seltzer, now that sounds like an awesome summer treat.

    lol we couldn't afford cheese. But I was a pro at making either bologna and mayonnaise on white bread sandwiches or iceberg and mayo sandwiches when we ran out of bologna. True story.

    Agreed, and laughing is best in the company of peeps like you! :D

    @Crazee Cat Lady - haha, does that mean I can call you crazee pen lady too? :P

    @Alaina - Dude I know! Blarg! The struggle between nail stuff and pens, aaahhhh

    @Nicole - Absolutely, I can't wait to hear your list!!

    @Helga - lol, really, tee hee, thanks :D


    @The Nail Buff - Pens are totally trending in these comments! haha, I am in good company.

    @Megan Harmeyer - I know right. Hilarity, I love it! I am jealous of your pen hook up.

    @ShosheFashion. - ooo nice, ultimatums are the best! You bad ass! :P

    @Maribeth - LOL, I love you even more if this is possible. The fizz is the bestest, I'm sipping a black cherry one as we speak, aahhhhh!

    lol frid rigger, aaawww can you smooch um for me?!

    Again I repeat, you are awesome!!! You can write a chapter/thesis/book in my comments anytime you damn will please!

  11. I think we may actually have been separated at birth or something. PENS! And handwriting! (I still doodle the alphabet while I'm on the phone. Had a calligraphy business back in undergraduate. Now it's just for fun, but -- yeah. Writing. I still practice cursive for fun. \o/)

    Hey, thanks for the shoutout. And the linkage -- I've been reading blogs all freaking night. Time well spent, I must say!

  12. I literally live on fizzy bottled water! I cannot stand the crud that comes out of the tap, so apart from 5000 cups of tea a day (I am Polish/British) I live on fizzy water.

    I go through about 3-4 litres a day but they do say water hydration is good for your nails! :)