Friday, August 12, 2011


Holy crap live T.V.

Okay it's only online T.V., but still I just about had a heart attack after this interview.

*keels over from the stress*


  1. WOW .. frkn awesome!!!!! Congrats on the interview.. even the cat made a appearance thought that was cute :-P & know I also know what loodie loodie loodie stands for ;)

  2. Wow, you're amazing :D and you're really cute too!

  3. You are beautiful

  4. w00t, this is SO cool! And woman, you're gorgeous. ♥

  5. Anna, that's amazing! you are so informative, I LOVE following your blog! :D

  6. Awesome, I know a nail polish celebrity! XD
    But seriously, you were so great in the interview, I would have peed my pants for sure! :D
    And I've always wondered what loodie loodie loodie meant, and now I know. Yay! :D

  7. I bow down to you!! I am not worthy. *kisses your hand*

  8. You should be on QVC, HSN, JTV or TV period!!

    Your a class act, with the beauty, the brains and the nails!!

    You'd make OPI, Sally Hansen or Revlon a fortune!!!

  9. i watched the whole thing! you rock Anna!! i love your blog and i admire your intelligence !


  10. AAGGHHH THAT IS SO AWESOME!! you're hilarious woman, i love it! the name of your blog has been a mystery to me too for a while so i'm glad i know the story behind it, bwahaha. Couldn't love you more if i tried!

  11. You are so special, my friend! You did great.

  12. @Polish AMOR - Thank you! Yes my Lucille Ball of a cat made it on, haha. What you didn't see was that off camera one of them was yacking, omg that was probably why I was so giddy LOL!

    @Annie - Awww, thank you for the sweetness! :D

    @Anonymous - awwww, thank you anonymous <3

    @AmyGrace - As are you!

    @Hayley - Thank you *HUGS*!!

    @Solveig - hahaha, I had to change my panties later :P

    @Olivia - Kiss my ring! :P

    @Sarah B. - thank you pretty lady!!

    @Anonymous - OMG who are you and how do I love you back!?!?

    @Maria - Thank you so much, that is so sweet! <3

    @Biba - Thanks!! :D

    @kelliegonzo - Thank you gonzo-nator!! Mystery solved :D

    @jbrobeck - Thank you so much for all your love and support!!

  13. Awesome :D Was wondering about the name as well, so mystery solved ;D Super cool interview! :)

  14. This is so awesome!! And yes, you are so super cute!

  15. Oh my gosh, this is SO cool! I loved it, Anna, and I'm glad you told the story behind your blog name.

  16. Aaaaaaa, I am so excited for you!!!! Congrats lady, this is amazing!!! And, as always, thanks for all the tips


  17. @rijaH - Yay! Aaah yes the million dollar question ... answered!

    @ABOP - Thank you! <3

    @Jacki - Crazy right!?

    @Angie - awww *blush*

    @Nicole - :D Apparently a hot topic, glad the mystery is solved.

    @Christina - Thank you sooooo much!!! :D

  18. oooooh how awesome! congrats on being a TV celeb now!! hehe

  19. You're so pretty! :O And you did a great job with the interview, very useful tips and clear explanation ^^

  20. Thanks Rebecca!! :D

    Awww, thanks Jane! <3 That makes me happy. :D

  21. Oh you totally rocked that! Well done lovely x